First closet Grow. **Eventual photos**

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  1. How's it going everyone my name's Mags and I started growing at 17 years old in my mother's attic. It was a disgraceful attempt that produced a male bean stalk :devious:. I'm in college now and and having a tough time making enough money to pay for my utilities much less recreation:). So long story short i have:

    • A 3'X6' closet w/ an 8' height, scaling down to a 4' height (?)
    • 2 foot White widow clone
    • 400w HPS on 18/6 timer
    • 2 Green house domes w/24w FL.
    • 10 germinating feminised seeds currently sitting in Grodan rockwool cubes(Alaskan Ice, Papaya, LA Woman, LA Cheese, White Castle, Velvet Bud, Purple Bud<not femenised>, Brainstorm, Crimea Blue, Cream Caramel)
    So I recently lined the room with Panda Film, black side out(Jk) and sectioned off the closet into two rooms at the point when the ceiling starts to slant. I open the door to the closet to A/C air for ventilation and have my eyes on a few ducts and fans at home depot, just don't have the funds yet. I have invested most of my money into this and have pretty much everything i need as far as clonex compound and varying solutions from superthrive to wilt-b-gone. The air conditioned air is definitely low in humidity which finally brings me to my questions.

    1. What should the %rH be for the room and how can i do this (humidifier?)?
    2. I know how essential airflow is, but how long can i go just opening the door to dry air?
    3. Can someone just run me through how moist to keep the greenhouse and rockwool cubes(I fear over-watering for reasons i would rather not speak of.)
    All of the help that everyone offers is greatly appreciated. I've read countless numbers of threads to get to where i am as far as knowledge and preparation. So thanks already, and i hope to be around for a while.
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    flower the clone immediately (assuming it's well rooted). otherwise it may grow too tall for your closet.

    Good luck.

    EDIT: I just read the rest of the OP and for vegging plants try to keep it between 80-90% rh, and 60-70% for flowering.

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