First closet grow, Early Wonder Skunk AUTO

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    I cant seem to find the K rating, but I know that about 4 are called "Soft White" and that 2 are called "Cool White". What are the k rating on these? I am finding online that "Cool white" is better for veg, and that "Soft White" is better for flowering so if I use both types the whole way through will that work?
  2. your set up looks nice,but what I siggest is like the others your gonna need more light go to home depot and but a few clf's 42 watts or larger sometimes you can go to your local grocery store and bulight I went to Lucky's on san ysidro and bought four pack of daylight for 9.99 and four pack of 42 watts soft white 2700 not much lumens for 9.99 and went agai to home depot and bought some Y's one for each clamp I know your counting on males but what happens if all females it's better to have more than less.I did a ak47 autoflower and in the six week it started to pre-flower and then switch to 12/ lets see about 15 more bulbs about $40.00 for both kinds y's are about .99 each and some large clamps 5.99 ea. so about70.00 for everything and if you can spend more buy more bulbs to get the lumens up to about 20,000 it's all good. Like I said I did a grow with 4 bulbs 2 daylight 100 watts and 2 40 watts 2700 during veg and flower change to more 2700 and less 6500 autoflowers are easy and less pain remember to get a small fan to blow and maybe some small bottles to make some co2 for your plants and really keep reading and asking questions on here there are some real great guys here and sometimes some ass*oles to . So good luck:wave:
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    Okay, what about if I get two more Y splitters, and two more 42 watt CFL's 2700? I would have 3 hanging on each cord as shown and 2 on the lamp on the left. In the picture the lamp is off to the side but I am able to move it around and closer to the plants. I may be able to get another lamp like that for the right side instead of hanging more up top. If I get these lights, I would be at a total of 306 watts.

  4. looks WAY better man good job. remember that most of the light from cfls come off the side. also you can put em way closer like a couple inches. also try to add some reflectors, use all your watts! if your having trouble with the germination try the shot glass method. about putting it outside, since its an autoflower the amount of light would be fine. but the weather idk, look into it. but excellent job man looks ALOT better :hello:

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