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    I just started my first grow! I went down to vancity seeds on Hastings st. and picked up 10 Early Wonder Skunk AUTOFLOWER seeds. I just started the germination process and set up my closet grow room. I have 10 pots until I will be able to determine the male and female plants and 2, 100 watt light bulbs with reflectors. First of all I have a few questions, is this enough light? The pots are 1 gallon each and are these big enough? The plants are supposed to go to a max of 3-4 ft tall and I expect to have about 4 or 5 plants once I determine the sexes. If the pots are not big enough I plan on getting some bigger ones when I have my females. Here is a picture of what I have so far. Am I doing this right and is there any suggestions you have?

  2. what kind of bulbs are they? usual rule of thumb is like 100 watts for first plant and then 50 more for each plant. you could also look up the wattage to ft^2 ratio. Hope for females!!:D
  3. They are just regular 100 watt clear incandecant bulbs.

    Another question, when I determine my females how would I go about transplanting them into bigger pots, or are my gallon pots enough?
  4. nah man dont use incadescents. and if your going to grow that many your gonna need a shot ton of cfls unless you get hid or hps. your gonna want to get bigger pots too
  5. Where can I buy lights like that? How many watts should I need for my 4-5 plants when I get my females? Also what size pot should I need since this strain only grows about 3 feet tall? The guy at the seed shop told me that a gallon pot should be pots are slightly less than one gallon.
  6. A 600w electronic switchable HID would be nice. That way you can use a Metal Halide bulb and an High Pressure Sodium. MH are better than HPS for veg, and vice verse.

    Amazon and eBay have some great economical options.
  7. explore this site man look at peoples journals with autoflowers and see what they did. gotta learn somehow.

    you can lights at lowes, home deopt, stores like that. if your gonna be using cfls get daylight lights or veg and the soft white when the pistils start showing up. for 4-5 plants you should have like 250 watts at minimum. and i guess if he said gallon pots are fine than i guess they are. ive never grown an autoflower. good luck to you and your grow man
  8. I now have 3, 100 watt incandecants running with reflectors. Surely this should be enough?
  9. I keep seeing on different pages, people talking about having two sets of lights for different stages in the plants life. Do I need to do this? If I upgrade the lights and run it on a 24/0 schedule is that okay for this autoflowering plant? I am trying to keep this as cheap as possible.
  10. your gonna need some cfl's at least.Reg bulbs are not gonna get it.CFL's and alot of them for that many plants.
  11. So I am probably going to get 2 HPS and 1 CFL bulbs. Should I be able to find HPS bulbs at home depot, etc?
  12. lowes does sell HPS and MH but you need a ballast to run them
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    Okay I need to know now since I am at the store, are halogen lamps suitable for growing? (500 watt). I am thinking about going with 3, 42 watt CFL and one 500 watt halogen "work light" for growing my 4-5, 3 foot high plants
  14. no halogens get way too hot and not good light.

    I say you cut everything down to one plant and get some cfls and grow out one plant. Youre taking on WAY too much for your first grow since you know nothing

  15. agreed
  16. Okay after MUCH research and help from you guys, I have now done some MAJOR upgrades to my grow area. I am now running four 42 watt CFL's, and two 29 watt CFL's. I also got bigger pots and lined my closet with mylar. It this starting to look better? :)

    Seeds have been germinating between wet paper towel for two days now and no sign of sprouting. They are at room temperature because I have nowhere to keep them warm.

    How am I doing?

  17. looking much better but, youll need more lights eventually and remember 6500k for veg and 2700k for flowering
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    More lights? I read that it is 100 watts for first plant and then 30-50 for each other plant, I am at 222 watts(read in kamels CFL guide). The guy from the seed shop also told me that 6 or 7 CFL's should be fine for 4 or 5 plants. I also read that autoflower plants almost completely skip veg and go right into flower. This strain also grows smaller than normal plants because of the autoflower characteristic. I am thinking about cutting down to 3 plants it is just I was so excited when I got the seeds, that I started germinating all of them and if I do that, I will be wasting some of the seeds I bought. Maybe I can take the extras and plant them somewhere hidden outside once they are seedlings, or is it the wrong time of year for that? I am in Vancouver by the way.
  19. Congrats on openly coming out of the closet

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