First closet grow any advice

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  1. Ok here's what i have done so far

    I got some sour diesel seeds from a buddy, planted 3-4 seeds in a cup a total of 4 cups.

    Mixture of miracle grow that feeds up to 6 months, Manure and perilite.

    germinated over 2 weeks with these cfls 4 Pack 45 Watt 6500K Day Light Bulb Photo Studio Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb | eBay

    Moved in a 3 gallon pot same mix now under a Metal halide light 400watts plus the same cfls, 3 days so far im running at 18/6. Here is the type of metal halide light i have Google Image Result for There from a old gym i think but hey they were cheap 25.00 with ballast attached :)

    Been feeding them superthrive, i mixed a drop in a Gallon distilled water once a day.

    Im not getting any runoff of water coming out of bottom of pot not sure if there getting enough water..Using a Soil PH tester Moist says Wet when all the way down to bottom so water must be making it to roots. Ph on the soil tester is saying 7.5 which i heard was too high?

    I'm waiting on buffer solution to calibrate ph tester, friend said to buy a ppm tds tester but not sure what i need it for yet ;)

    Im worried about Humidity im growning in a closet and the humidity will only get to 30% and temps if closet doors are closed will get up to 81F so i have been leaving them opened and been steady at 75-77 temps..

    Also got a fan facing up to help keep the closet cool...Any advice if im doing something wrong. Some plants are looking yellow on leaves is that normal? :smoking:

  2. Those plants are awful close together bro...........
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    Kush; post a progress report, would ya? I think or estimate my show is 1.5 weeks from where yours was on the 10th and your set up is about the best I can muster (mostly just scavenging for stuff and with only a few dollars to spend) minus the superthrive.

    Were you concerned about using the miracle grow potting mix for your seedlings? I'm going to keep checking my sprouts often for the serrations turning upward from too many nutrients. And yes; yellowing of leaves, even burn spots. It is nominal I think that some leaves would turn yellow... during the flowering stage. And those should be removed or pinched off carefully so as not to leach the buds.

    By using your progress I can sort of forecast my own. And I cannot fail. It is just not an option. Keep us updated, k?

    (but yeah, I've got a little more space, Nut, and a single container for every darling)
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    Yellowing this early in flower is far from normal or acceptable.

    That meter is good for grammas house plants. But for this it's shit and should be tossed.
    All they are good for is poking holes in soil for aeration.

    As for the ones too close together. If your up on your feedings this won't ever be an issue.

    Get some calmag stat bro! And get that PH in check and they will turn right around. (yes your ph is too high @ 7.5)
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    Bad choice right there. If those aren't femmed seeds you're going to end up with male plants in the same pots as female plants. Killing the male plants is going to leave dead roots in your soil and will negatively effect your other plants. Plus your greatly reducing the available space for roots.

    Slow release MG soils are very dangerous for growing cannabis. High in N, usually run hot, not great soil. (Also Monsanto is the devil...) Good idea adding the perlite. What kind of manure?

    Those work, but you're happy you went with a larger light. I have no experience with your MH setup though. If it works, it works, I guess.

    Be careful with the superthrive; I've heard it is crazy strong, but works well. Also only use it for veg.

    Just keep watering until you get runoff. You can't drown a plant as long as you let the soil drain and dry in between watering.

    Humidity isn't all that important. Growing in Arizona, it's near impossible getting consistent humidities in the right range. At the beginning of my grow humidity wouldn't get above 20%. Invest in a small humidifier if you want, but come flower a 30% humidity will do fine. Temps are fine. 81 isn't all that bad as long as that's your high. Wouldn't worry too much, and a fan is good for cooling.

    Hope I helped


    EDIT: I agree, Cal/Mg is a must if you're using R/O water. The crispness on the leaves isn't that bad and your color looks pretty good. The biggest problem you're going to face is running out of space in your pots. You have like 8 plants in 12 gallons of soil total, general rule of thumb is 1 gallon of root space per foot you want above ground.

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