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  1. Wassup everyone..Snowing out here on the east coast bored as f*ck so i decided to build my own custom grow tent inside my closet..I attached a photo of all the crap that I already have and my pvc tent i made. I have yet to cover it with panda film and im going to cover it with a tarp. This is my first time growing with soil but not my first time growing..Started out with an aeroponic drain and fill system. Here's an list of the items i have already and i know im missing an couple of other things but feel free to let me know whatelse I should I get to start off. thanks
    1-bag of happy frog potting soil 12 quart bag
    4-daylight 100w (23w) cfl 5k
    1-bright white 120w (30w) cfl 3500k
    4- dc pc fans..i dont know what size these fans are
    1- 2outlet heavy duty timer
    1-power strip
    1 ac dc power adapter switchable..$20 for this f*ckin bitch
    duct tape, electrical tape, tie straps, foil tape, 2 way adapter for the lights and velcro straps for the door ima build for the door.


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  2. I just panda film my tent...

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  3. Going to be adding the lights and fans what you guys think about my soil choice?? whatelse am i missing 

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