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First chronic

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Craven Moorhead, May 25, 2010.

  1. hey i got a question wat type of bud is this? first time blazin chronic an i wont be going bak 2 mids. my dealer said its called shit on a stick

    gram for 20 .. this isnt a gram i already smoked sum :smoke:

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  2. Good quality for street weed. $20/g sounds quite alright unless its got seeds and it was trimmed bad. But the bud itself looks hairy, so thats good.
  3. That's a TERRIBLE trim job. Oh my God. :eek:

    I would have told the dealer to shove it up his ass. (and probably missed out on some great shit)
  4. no seeds .. here in VIRGINIA 757
  5. Doesn't really look like dank. I would've payed 15 tops for that.
  6. It looks okay. Maybe its the picture though, but that trim job is bad.
  7. Dude...
    4 words,
    It is good weed im sure, but i see why its called shit on a stick.
    Take some pride in it
  8. Shit on a stick lmao..Looks hairy :D
  9. How does it smoke???
  10. I would never purchase 'shit on a stick' regardless of how good it is proclaimed to be.
  11. bowl pack in bong and im ripped! this bud has a nasty smell to it but its sooo goood
  12. You live in moorhead?
  13. i pay $10 a g for stuff like that
  14. yeah dude for real...20 a g should get you top looks, smell, smoke, taste, and high. Not be called "shit on a stick" lol that's lame as fuck.. But hey you got high so fuck it :smoke:
  15. Looks like some normal outdoor dank or BC bud beasters. More a 10$ a gram bud but your still getting into the dank game so you will learn.

    And Shit on a stick lol he was fucking with you... Dealers are usually wise ass's lol.
    Noob-what r this strain?
    dealer-shit on a stick now gtfo lol
  16. I cant believe people are retarded enough to believe a strain is called shit on a stick.

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