First chillium

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    Well from the person I got it off of...he said it was, looks more of a 1 hitter.

    Uploaded with
    Paid $5 for it. :smoke:
    Now if only I had some good weed to use it with.
  2. nice lil on the go piece man! chillums are my favorite dry's. make sure you learn the proper chillum-hand-chamber technique for the best hits. the only thing i'd change about it, would be to change the bowl from a flat bottom cylinder to a funneled shaped bowl. but for five bones, that's a slick pocket piece. treat her well :wave:

    p.s, if that's a one hitter, i hope you have lungs of steel lol
  3. Nice. I'm a bong man so I really don't like dry pieces. But I still live at home and keep my bong over at my boys house. So I have a chillum for wake and bakes or if I'm not over at his place. I love it. Packs the perfect amount, small, easy hidable
  4. This is quite amazing.
    Packed up very nicely, held what seemed like a lot and lasted a good while. Hit incredibly, and got me pretty high.

    Defiantly a great little thing.

    And yes, I am as well a bong man...but this thing is fun for being portable. haha
  5. fuckin a thats a nice lookin chillum. especially for 5 bucks. Nice find yo.
  6. $5?


    ill give you $7. u pay shipping. lol
  7. Still trying to figure out the hand method. I think I kinda got it, but not yet...sometimes or all the time i'll block the end and when I losen my hand...well it creates no suction for the flame
  8. So, instead of fiddling with the hand method, I made my own technique by basically take the chillium, take out the bowl, leave the rubber, put the chillium over the whole and airbong it. I do this by taking my hand hold the chillium and covers the normal carb, once you fill the bong up lift up the chilium and inhale. Works fucking nice.
  9. Haahaaa thats hilarious dude, I always cash out my chillum into my bong! I just stick it right into the female peice and it seals right up. :D
  10. That's fuckin badass! It's a pretty rad way to smoke the bong, while using two different pieces to accomplish it.
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    Well, with a little luck, friend found this in the street...cleaned it up and got it 100% clean, and since they don't like chilliums, gave it to me.


    Makes my second one! (And this one is much nicer! But much smaller and a smaller whole...but that is nice as I dont need a screen. If I grind stuff up)
  12. thats pretty yo. very nice. Im jealous :)

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