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First Check Home Drug Test Result

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by brodieMan, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. #1 brodieMan, Jan 7, 2013
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    very very very faint line next to the "drug detection area". i really don't know if this means i am positive or negative for THC. can anybody help? and passed experience or advice? my drug test is in 2 days for pre employment screening. Am i under the cut-off levels possibly thats why the line is so faint? please help. Also note I use to be a stoner, quit for 3 weeks, I am 22, weigh about 160 lbs and have a quick metabolism .

    I attached a picture of the test below:

  2. does anybody have any first hand experience with this product?
  3. A couple days ago I got tested with one and I mixed water and food coloring and it came up negative
  4. lol well that doesn't really help me. I guess my question is, has anyone taken an at home drug test with similar results as mine and passed a regular pre employment drug screening
  5. bump bump bump bump, can anybody please reassure me?! sorry in advance
  6. Lol looks like negative read the little picture below it lmao.
  7. well obviously i saw the little pic below, but my concern is that next to the "drug" area on my specimen the line is extremely faint.
  8. You should be good. I dealt with a test like the one you posted a couple years ago and had a faint line like that. I had to take a legit drug test the next day that got sent to lab in order to get my job, which I passed.

    Good luck.

  9. this makes me a little for confident, thanks so much!
  10. It says a negative result is either 2 solid lines or 1 solid 1 faint like you have?
  11. anybody else got feedback on this product? as for now all I have been doing is chugging water and cranberry juice, hopefully that helps.

    Note: I am very sorry for trolling these forums with questions like this, i know they probably have been answered dozens of times before, but I want the most current and up to date information I can get.

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