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  1. Hey everyone! I started a small box to grow my own personal stash and find my inner green thumb :)
    6500K CFL bulbs for now until flower
    air stones
    4 line air pump
    plastic tub spray painted black on the outside (roots like the dark)
    clay pellets
    2 pc fans 
    I got a seedling in rockwool from a fellow grower and transplanted it in clay pellets. I made my own net pots from plastic pots with holes in the bottom and drilled more holes in the side to allow water to get to the rockwool. I made an outtake hole with a pc fan at the top of the box and added shot glasses of water to keep humidity up. Then added another pc fan to help circulate air in the space. 100_0163.JPG 100_0165.JPG 100_0164.JPG 100_0167.JPG 100_0168.JPG 100_0166.JPG 100_0169.JPG 100_0170.JPG  
    This is only taking a little over half the space in the box and I am in the process of putting germinated mid seeds in soil to hopefully get females from.
    It has been 3 days since transplant. I noticed 1 root had poked through last night and 2 more came today! (notice in pictures) Sadly, the lower leaves have almost died but I hear that is not uncommon for transplanted babies. 
    Since this is my first grow so any help would be greatly appreciated! The one problem I would like to solve is keeping the noise down from the air pump, there is a constant low humming coming from the box. Happy tokin!

  2. This morning I lowered the water level in the tub and added more water to the shot glasses. Heres some pictures you can see the water level fairly well and the LONG roots I have going on. I am excited! Also you can seed the seeds I have germinated. There are 8 of them all mid seeds. I also have the offer of clones from a fellow grower who I know has good plants. Input please? I do not have enough room to grow it all! Also, comments on the water level in the tub. I am in fear of it getting too shallow but a bigger tub would not allow for much plant growth.
    100_0174.JPG 100_0175.JPG 100_0176.JPG 100_0178.JPG 100_0180.JPG 100_0181.JPG 100_0183.JPG 100_0184.JPG
  3. looks good, what strains are you working with?
  4. Unfortunately I am not sure :( The origin of the mother plant simply came as a clone from which we did not get a name. Previous grows have been done yielding a few ounces of POTENT! 
    Here's a picture of different stages of the first grow and the next 2 are of the second. All from clones from an unknown strain
    IMG_1118.JPG IMG_1673.jpg IMG_1674.jpg
  5. Roots and plant are looking great! Just over a week now since transplant. Roots are around 6-7 inches now! I am going to the store in a few days to buy nutrients. In the past FloraGro and FloraBloom have been used but I am looking for a cheaper setup. The grow and bloom Pure Blend nutrients are cheaper, has anyone used them before? 
    100_0185.JPG 100_0186.JPG
  6. Hey guys! Its been a while since I posted but heres where I'm at now.  100_0196.JPG
    I was donated a small plant and visited the hydroponics store and bought some FloraGro, FloraBloom, a Checker pH meter, net pots and other items. 
    This morning I knocked the digital thermometer in the water  :cry: 100_0192.JPG 100_0195.JPG
     It was dead while I went to the store and picked up another analog temp/humidity thermometer. I think this one will be more accurate. 
    I transplanted the donated plant from the lid pot to a new net pot and added another air stone I bought underneath it to promote bubbles. 
    I tested the pH and got 6.5 so I added pH down until it reached 5.5 and also plan on changing the water tomorrow. 
    The original plant is looking great! :hello:  about 3 inches tall with great looking roots.  100_0188.JPG 100_0191.JPG
    I also wrapped the air pump in a thick coat to try and muffle the sound  100_0193.JPG It works somewhat but there is still a constant low hum, oh well. 
    Almost forgot! I also found a seed in some nice skunky bud I had so I put that in damp paper towels to germinate. I think I'll also try growing some jalapeños, I bought seeds at the hydro store too. 
    I look forward to see what it will look like tomorrow, the transplant is a little droopy right now.
    Responses and help appreciated!!!

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  7. Last night I was up until 1 AM so I figured I would get some work done, while the roommates are asleep.  I checked on the big girl and she had drooped a lot,  100_0199.JPG before, I just stuck rocks in the net pot and dropped her in. The problem with this was no water bubbles were getting to the roots to aerate and feed it. So, I very carefully threaded the roots through the net pot and set her in.  100_0200.JPG THEN, the net pot ended up being too long and was sitting on top of the water so I simply lined a home made pot with pots and interposed the two. Working perfectly. 100_0207.JPG 100_0208.JPG I also changed the water and nutrients out of the tub, using FloraGro/Bloom and setting the pH around 5.6.  100_0206.JPG I dropped the damn pH tester in the water and it went haywire. I took out all the parts and set them out to dry so we'll see. As big girl sat there, she slowly perked up looking alot better.  100_0209.JPG This morning I stressed her down some and then small girl's roots are great!  100_0211.JPG 100_0205.JPG And now a picture of what it looks like now.  100_0212.JPG I have not checked the germinating seed since this morning. I'll do that and let you guys know! 
    Each day is showing signs of good growth!  :bongin:  :hello:
  8. Moved the box into the closet today. The noise it gave off was too loud for my small room so I moved in to the closet, but the way my closet doors (sliding doors) I can only open the left box door. The new girl wasnt looking so good so I added some lights around it and moved others to have even light throughout the plants. Here you can see the space I have to work with  100_0215.JPG
    And here is the droopy new girl that is stressed. You can see the top of the plant looks ok but the bottom, not so much...  100_0218.JPG
    The little one is looking nice and slowly growing daily, looking bushier each day.  100_0219.JPG
    In all I have 6 6500k cfl lights. You can see the arrangement here...  100_0220.JPG  
    Success! The seed I found in some good looking bud (I'll have to ask around for the name) cracked and can see a little white tip! Will either plant in soil tomorrow or once the root grows out.  100_0224.JPG
    My pH meter was able to dry out and I calibrated again and set pH at 5.6. Refilled shot glasses but still having low humidity. It is pretty cold here now, but I'll see how the box temp looks soon with the added light. I moved the thermometers closer to each plant to get an idea of what each is dealing with. I plan on buying a ppm meter at some point. Also am looking around for tents for when they get bigger.
  9. Seed cracked and had a nice little tail! Cut a couple holes in the bottom of a solo cup, filled with miracle gro, soaked in pH 5.6 water , then stuck the seed inside. Had a little tray filled with the same water from the tub, put a air hose in and placed the cup in it under light. Will screw pc fan to the outside wall to make room and make an intake at the bottom, heat is becoming an issue. When I get a tent I will also get a humidifier. I don't know what is going on with the new girl. Yellowing and droopy leaves but is definitely aiming to the light where stressed. Will flush the tub, probably try and siphon it out. Any ideas? 
    IMG_1818.jpg 100_0230.JPG 100_0229.JPG 100_0231.JPG 100_0232.JPG  
  10. 100_0233.JPG
    I moved the fans around to where they circulated air around the box. Signs are showing too many nutrients, the smaller plant's white roots have gotten brown color. Working now to siphon it out. Near impossible to take tub out without taking all parts out. If I get a tent, I will not have to worry about a box door not opening enough. Also brainstorming new reservoir containers I can easily flush out. Found 2 tents I have in mind, 23.25 inch deep and another 25, but taller. My depth to work with is 21 inches so I can just cut a few inches off the tent poles to fit. 
  11. I found the problem yesterday but it was already too far gone. When I had first put the girl in the net pot and the net pot sunk too dip in the tub, I then moved it and threaded the roots through the homemade pot. I lined the bottom of the green pot with rocks and then set the net pot inside, roots coming out the bottom of it all. When pulled the two pots apart yesterday I noticed that an inch or two of the roots between the bottom of the pot and the rock wool was completely bone dry. The rocks mustve blocked water from getting through... I fixed the problem last night but it was too late to fix. The plant looks like this now :( All a learning experience I guess. Still waiting on the seed to pop through the dirt and the little girl is looking good. Not growing very fast... 
    100_0234.JPG 100_0235.JPG

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