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  1. I'm doing a cfl grow with 12 cfl 100 watt equivalent soft white bulbs and 2 100 watt equivalent daylight bulbs. It's a 2.6x2.6x1.4 ft box that I plan to grow 1-3 plants and lst them. I'm using topsoil with perlite and will add nutrients later in it's stages. I need to know how to make a light trap so anyone who knows please help. Any improvements tell me
  2. i would recommend getting a hps light, you would see a huge difference in yield

  3. I would if I had enough room for it bro
  4. I would if I could fit it bro. I was thinking about a 150 hps but it would burn my plants
  5. look into air cooled hoods, 150 watters don't get that hot.

    Also CMH bulbs have the same spectrum peaks as a MH and HPS with the added benefit of running at much cooler temperatures. Look into em, real interesting bulbs.
    mylar or white paint on the walls of your box will go a long way too.

    -happy growing

  6. Try the CFLs. I did. But forget about equivalents and learn the real wattage. You'll need at least 50 real watts per plant. Closer to a Hundred would be better. They'll need more than a hundred when theyre grown up.
  7. There each 23 watt and I have twelve of them I'm thinking about getting a couple more lights when needed so each plant when I start will have 85 watts each

  8. yea im in your same situation, ima be upgraded to HPS next month when i get the money, i found a good one on ebay for 78 dollars. 400 watts :smoke:
  9. I'm building a new grow box to the biggest I can without being noticeable to much so I'm making it 3ftx3ftx2ft could I fit a 150 hps in here? If not I'm fine using cfls and everything else will be the same and I'm getting a 6in exhaust fan this weekend for my box

  10. You wont have too get an exhaust fan for CFLs. 85 watts per plant does not get as hot as an HPS. Fewer heat problems. Growth?
  11. I would still use an exhaust. Plants like fresh air, too. I've got 208 watts of CFLs on one plant and you can bet your bottom dollar it needs an exhaust fan.

    Also, man check out my grow box thread in my signature. My box is something like 3' high by 2.5' x 2' - I'm using 8x 26w CFLs for Veg and I've got a 150w HPS and 2x 125w CFLs for flower. It will be tight but absolutely doable. Good luck!
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    Yea it definitely needs an exhaust I like your setup but I'm gonna stay with a straight cfl grow my new build should be created this weekend so hopefully my grow will start sometime next week.... I love how your grow started on 420 bro grow your smoke whole your smokn

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