First CFL grow w/ bagseed. Need Help (Pics)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by aceofangels, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. Hello all,
    I just recently started my first grow ever from bagseed. I used a rubbermaid grow box explained here:

    Now I have had them vegging for about 1 week so far, but they arent getting very big. One of them even looks a little sick.

    But I need some advice on when to start LST. (Also, there are some smaller 2 leave weeds in the pots. Do they hurt anything?

    I am using 195 watts in this growbox 3 42w and 3 27w CFLs

    1st picture: First plant, looks fine to me.

    2nd picture: Second plant. Needs help

    3rd picture: Group Shot

    4th Picture: my growbox

  2. have they just bein growin for just a week.. ?
  3. yes, only 1 week
  4. i put my seed in the pot a week ago today and they look nothing like yours im going to post a pic on your journal if u dont mind so u can see the pic was taken yesterday..
    would you be able to tell me what i could be doing rong pls.. i feel shity now haha

    looks like i cant post a pik but its called ..:: quick pic ::.. duno if u can just click on tht because im new here dont know 2 much sorry lol
  5. dont ask me how i found this LOL:smoking:
  6. nice RS but why not just pull the little weeds on the side?

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