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  1. This is going to be my first grow i am going to grow 1 plant. i need some advise on lighting, pot mix and nutrients. the box that i am  growing in is a old end table for stealth reasons its dimensions are 22"H 14"w 13"L. inside is painted white, 2 computer fans ( 1 intake, 1 outtake) an a old bathroom fixture light with a Y adapter what 2 cfl's would be good for veg and flowering? for potting mix so far i have a natural top-soil with humus do i need to add any else to the mix? I am on a very limited budget i found a couple tomato and vegetable nutrients in the shed, one is called magic grow 15-30-15 and the other one is plant-prob 15-15-30 i am gonna add photos but are these any good? i appreciated any help i can get thanks.   View attachment 1211282 View attachment 1211284 View attachment 1211285 View attachment 1211286

  2. you will want bulbs with a kelvin rating of 6500 for veg growth and 2700 for flowering. a lot of people use a mixed sprectrum as well. if you can find them the 125-300 watt cfls are awesome if not you can get a some 42 watters and call it good. you will need more splitters going the 42w route. you might also want to check out amazon they usually have good deals, hell you might even be able to find a hid setup for cheap.
  3. i found some 65 watt cfls 5100k, 3350 lumens would these work for veg and flowering?
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    they would be sufficient for veg but not optimal for flowering and yield would suffer greatly.
    as far as those nutrients they would be very hot imo. if u do use them u wanna use a very small amount (1/10, 1/8) strength to see how they react.
    edit: and only use the nutes after 2-3 or 3-4 weeks, depending on plants needs.
  5. 15-30-15 or 15-15-30 which would be better for my grow?

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