"First" CFL Closet Grow - 1 plant

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  1. Hey GC. So this is my "first" grow in that this is the first time I've taken it this seriously. But anyway.
    I bought a pack of 10 seeds in an indoor mix pack, so it's one of five different indica-dominant strains: Master Kush, Afghan, Pure Power Plant, Nirvana Special, or Skunk #1. They all sound stanky.

    I'm currently using
    1x2x3' box in my closet
    3x 23w CFL's, daylight balanced
    4" computer fan at the intake
    MiracleGro Organic
    FoxFarm Growbig

    The plant is just about 1week old from popping, and it's growing kinda quick I think. Today was the first time I fed it with nutes, and I used a 1/4 dose. Hopefully it does the job.

    There'll be more updates to come. I'm excited for this little cutie :D

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  2. We're right about on the same time frame with similar equipment. I think I'm going to keep an eye on this thread to compare your progress with mine. Can I see some shots of your grow area?

    Good luck!
  3. Yeah dude, pull up a seat.
    The grow area is just a box in my closet, nothing too fancy. I repurposed a bunch of stuff to make this, and it's going decent so far.

    And an update! The second set of leaves are visible and pretty defined. Today the plant is one week old, so this is pretty normal and on-track?

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  4. Here's another picture for yall

    Since the seedling was in a small clear container, I could see the roots growing from the side. I decided to replant that clump of dirt into a bigger pot. It came out pretty cleanly, so I think it should be fine. Gave it a drink of water. Lookin' pretty healthy so far.

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  5. Thanks for the shot of your closet!

    Lookin' good so far!
  6. Hot damn this thing has grown since the last time I posted a picture.
    The plant's almost two weeks old. It took well to the pot change and it kinda took off. The second leaf set seems like its still growing a little bit, but the third set is coming in too.
    And tomorrow is FF GrowBig feeding day, exciting!

    So if I want to LST, you usually start after the 3rd leaf set? or the 4th? I've heard both, but I would rather get started sooner..

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  7. Hey, that's purty!

  8. Well my friend, you can start training sooner but there would be no point other than having her bent early. The point of LST (as I'm sure you know) is to get the side branches to become main branches. And usually you dont get a healthy enough side branch until the 5th or 6th node.

    Lookin good though homie! Is it a fem seed?
  9. Hmm.. I gotcha. It's still relatively small right now, so I'm definitely going to wait to do anything. The plant totally took off after the pot change. The third set of leaves is coming in strong.

    I have no idea if it's a girl or not. It was just a regular pack. I can only hope. :smoke:

  10. Eh yeah you can only hope :\
    Not to be all negative, but you should have planted a couple seeds in case this plant is a male..
    Thats why I only grow clones these days.
    Best luck to you though! I hope she grows up to be a big healthy girl :)
  11. Big changes since last time I suppose. The plant's still growing strong, and I decided to start LST'ing it. I staked it down this morning and already later in the day it's starting to stretch back up toward the light. Wee!

    But anyway. You can see it in one of the pictures, but one of the leaves on the third set is more yellow than the rest. I don't really think this is anything to worry about, as the rest of the leaves look pretty healthy.

    And it looks like the side branches are starting to come in? There's little leaves visible on the nodes. About how soon do you guys think until I'll be able to tell what sex this plant is?

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  12. Well, after a little encounter with some fungus gnats and a touch of soil mites, I figured it wouldn't get better by itself and bought some insecticide from my local supply store. Hopefully it does the trick.

    A couple of the leaves look a little yellow, like you could kinda tell from the last picture of the top, and the new growths seem a little yellower as they're growing in, but I don't think it's any kind of nute problem yet. I'll take some more pictures as it grows. :smoke:
  13. Hey dudes. So I went away to work on a film set for a week and left my little baby to it's own devices. I fed it FFGrowBig before I left, and it got watered once during the week.

    And then it turned into a freaking bush.

    This is the only picture I grabbed right now, but you can definitely see how much bigger it's gotten. The LST is going pretty fantastic. I underestimated how dense this plant could get, and have it kinda staked down.

    I'll get more pixxx later

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  14. Aight. So my plant is just about 6weeks old, and it is considerably large, especially for the space I'm growing in. I've pinned back a lot of the larger fan leaves to let the side branches grow up toward the light. Looks like they're getting enough of it.

    I included a shot underneath the main foliage so you guys can kinda see how I've been snaking it around. Another picture of a side branch shows more stuff growing out of the internodes. Are these the pre-sex pistils yet, or are these just more side branches growing out of the side branches?

    I'm really thinking about switching it into flowering soon. I know that the plant is supposed to like double in size. Does it look healthy enough?

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  15. Oh. Yes. A few days short of 7weeks old I decided to put this girlie into flowering. The LST looks gorgeous, or so I'd hope, and I can spot at least 6 or 7 good side branches that are growing up strong in the mess.

    Nothing that definitely looks like a pistil yet, but there haven't been any preflowers either. But hey! doesn't look like any balls yet too.

    My next question is about how to take care of it now. Since the side branches are there and growing, is it okay if I trim some of the big fan leaves off? Maybe not all of them, but like the ones that get in the way or are already pinned underneath.

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  16. Plant is looking good man. On my first grow too bro
  17. Man, you LST'd the hell outta that plant. On my 1st grow too....10 days behind you. Keep up the good work. Def read up on the trimming. I have no idea to with how that thing's tied down.
  18. Yeah dude. I couldn't find much on exactly what I was looking for, so I went ahead and trimmed a bunch of the fan leaves that were pinned under some of the LST posts and stuff. The undergrowth especially looks cleaner, but the side branches are still just bushy.

    I want them to grow up, not into a bush. If I raise the lights, they grow toward it, right? So they'll grow upward instead of being content?
  19. That's what I'm trying to do right now...get my plants to stretch up since they are so bushy. Not sure if the CFL's affect this though. I'm keeping my lights 6-8" away and can see the fan leaves reaching for the light, but they keep getting more bushy. Will prob wait another week and remove the fan leaves that are blocking the bud sites.
  20. Welp. The moment of truth has finally come I suppose. After the switch to 12/12 the preflowers started to pop out, and, lo and behold, I'm 90% sure it's a male :mad:

    The picture doesn't do it enough justice, but getting in there real close you can tell that those are most likely balls. Hot. stinking. balls.

    I mean, in the best case scenario, it'll turn out to be a hermi? I doubt that I want to keep the plant around to find out. Le sigh.

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