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  1. This is my first grow. I'm using a cabinet that's 32x14x23 inches. Plan is to have 2x Two Gallon organic pots and if that goes well, try a bubble system.

    I'm using 4x 42w soft white and 6x 26w daylight CFLs, fox farm soil and nutes, and have 5 femmed Aurora nirvana seeds shipping.

    Today I got a free first time patient clone from a dispensary so I'm doing a trial run with it. Not sure what strain it is, pretty sure its an indica. Came in a cube and I just transplanted the whole thing into some fresh soil. And put it in the cab. This is my first grow and I'm already lost on what to do so any advice on how to make this little girl happy in her new home would be appreciated.right now lights are 2 42 watts and 4 26 watt daylight.

    I'm thinking let it adjust in the soil and then start to practice LST on it?

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  2. Well yesterday when I got home from work I found my little plant near fried to a crisp lol I kept putting it closer and closer to the lamps and I guess I found the limit lol. I kinda expected this hence the free trial clone.

    On the bright side, my 5 femmed Aurora seeds came in from nirvana today, so kudos to them for great service.

    Now before I ruin these potential plants I wanna make sure I do things right the first time.

    I have fox farm soil, a bag of perlite, fox farm nutes, ph up and down, and an electric ph meter.

    Can anyone refresh me on soil preparation and how much water I should be using in the first week or 2, I feel like I got all the components for a successful grow but just need some pointers on some basic things, thanks for any help !

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  3. my dimensions are 12x17 1/2x37. yet i am bubble bucket'n it. so it may be a little different but...
    i have complete overkill on lighting. which is good. yet be sure to keep bulbs away from the plants, LoL. haha, my 105w cfl stays about 4 inches away
    as for watering your plant. "lifting pots" is the best and most accurate and reliable way man-kind has used since the dawn of time...
    and also, are you ScrOG'ing it out in there?? it could be wise of you for better light penetration.
    .... i'm just north of you .... how's the weather .... haha. Good Luck

  4. Hey thanks for the advice, I was definantly thinking of srogging it. at least some LST. at this point im just trying to keep it alive though lol.
  5. Alright so after frying it I watered it a bunch and let it sit for a day, yesterday I decided that the biggest leave had to go to make room for new healthy leaves cuz there was hardly any green left on it :(

    So I snapped that off and after a day I see some healthier looking stuff coming in I guess...haha anyways here it is.

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    damn thats one heavy duty cfl and i am also going to start my first grow asap but i also do need cashflow so my grow can of course grow but anyways i have questions and will be subbing and what does scrogging mean and "lifting pots" and how many and what kind of cfls should i get but i only want to start my first grow with like two maybe three plants so plz help a medical marijuana patient out haha and i live in San Diego by the way haha
  7. Will you be planting the Aurora indica as well?
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    Yes, germination begins tonight
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    I did a little more trimming of the burnt leaves last night and by morning she is looking way better. Also I've been giving one cup a day of pHed water for the sole purpose of lowering he pH from 7 and this seems to be helping a lot. This plant may turn out ok afterall, if it doesn't go hermie...

    Gotta love learning experiences...

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  10. Watered with micro dose of grow big, and put the 2x42w daylight bulbs back on for most of the day..

    Started germination on 2 seeds.

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  11. A few hours later looking better!

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  12. He'll yea dude, if u remember me we got same xact grow(same box and seeds lol) and just to give ya some idea of the aura strain, mine started really healthy, I used superthrive and Hygrozyme when soaking my rockwoll and it def helped. The aurora strain is freakn awesome, it has a really deep green and very ridgid leaves. Ur plants are gunna be very hard to kill in ur grow box so don't worry. To give u an example of the quality of seeds.... When I got mine frm nirvana one was cracked and def busted but I still germinated it and now it's my strongest plant!! ;)
    It sounds like u got this grow under control. The only thing u gotta watch for is that burning which it looks like ur not gunna let happen again.
    -Happy Growing
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    Thanks for the encouragement. The seeds have barely popped, 2x16 ounce soil cups have entered the other side of the cab, flushed and pHed to 6.2. Really excited to plant those 2 seeds tomorrow. I'm not sure what's going to happen to the clone once the auroras get transplanted to the 2 gallon pots that they will flower in cuz their isn't enough room for all three.

    Since the burn incident I've been really hesitant on the 2 42w bulbs. Now it looks mostly healed and they run 24/7.
    She really looks like she's liking them now...
  14. ^^^^^^^

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  15. Well, I have to say, at barely over a week I am pretty impressed with the new growth rate of this plant, it makes me wonder if I hadn't burnt it to shit the second day I had it, how much bigger would it be?
    The box was really dry when I got home today, so I watered with pH adjusted water and a cap full of growbig, seems to be drinking it right up...
    I can't tell if this plant is just off or still recovering from the burns or if I'm messing up but it looks strange to me.

    Does anyone know why the leaves are so droopy and curve into themselves as photographed?

    I sprinkled some water in the 2 Aurora seed cups cause they seemed super dry, then put baggies on top to secure moisture.
    Also added a soaked t shirt in a tray of water to increase the humidity in the cab, hope it works cuz my apt is dry..

    Alright enough rambling; any tips, tricks, or advice would be great thanks!

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  16. Im also growing Aurora :) look in my sig
    Water your seeds when the soil is dry to touch, water with a few tsp a day in the seedling stage.
    You can keep your CFLs 1 - 2" away

    The clone may be drooping from over watering?

    It looks good :) Subd
  17. I cant tell how good you ventilation is.
    Do you just have that one fan?
    You should have 2 holes with one fan bringing fresh air in and one blowing hot air out.
    That can cause your plants to dry out and brittle.
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    Yea that was a problem at first but I attached a 120mm "90" cfm fan at the top behind the lights and there's a passive intake near the bottom, it seems to have real good airflow. I think it was lacking humidity and drying possibly from too much air blowing around haha is that possible?

    Note: the fan is seriously ghetto-rigged right now but the whole electric system on this cab will be redone soon.

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  19. Quick update:

    Clone seems to be coming along nicely...

    And new to the family, 2 new baby Auroras! These things have been sprouting for over 24 hours and I just took the plastic bags off because it seemed way too wet with no airflow. Also now running 3 26w daylights a little closer to them cuz I can see stretching.

    After the burn incident I'm scared shitless to burn these fragile little things hahahaa

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