First Cfl. Auto. Lst. Closet Grow

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    Alright so this is my first grow.
    So far I have:

    2x seeds. 1 auto jack herer, 1 auto sour diesel (freebie) Thanks Herbies!

    2x 5 gallon buckets

    8x 42 watt cfl 2700k and 6500k

    And for nutes I have big bud, fox farms grow big, and rootbastic (was a freebie. Not sure if I'm going to use this yet)
    I soaked the seeds in water for a couple hours then planted them in there new home. 2 five gallon buckets. Im looking to get as much yeild as possible off these 2 plants while still getting a quality bud. Planted them about 14 hours ago so we will see how long they take to pop. Right mow i just have one of the light fixtures set up but will switch to all 8 42 watt cfl bulbs for either 18/6 or 20/4 light schedule. Havent decided yet.

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  2. just the 4 bulbs in there now is bright as hell. My closet cant keep in the light. i will need to switch to a grow tent or make a box soon. I will be upgrading my setup slowly as i go along. i should be much more prepared by the end of this grow.

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