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First cannabutter experience

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by SweetJamesJones, Oct 12, 2009.

  1. ok guys, i made some cannabutter 2 days ago from hashmouf's excellent guide! I just wanted to share the experience, as i was not expecting much honestly :D. I used 3 sticks of butter (first time) with about 4 oz's of harvest trim, saved stems, leftover blunt shake...cooked 3.5 hrs, strained, etc, solidied, ate a spoonful on a cookie at 2:10 (for the record it tastes nasty as fuck) and maybe 2-3 more on a bagel (wasn't sure on dosage:smoking:) at about 3. I wasnt high at first, but the time 4:30 hit i was starting to feel it.
    i've been a regular smoker for a while now but damn...this was crazy:hello:. First i noticed my eyes getting heavy, then a buzz that just kept buzzin harder! At some point after 5 i was knocked out...till almost 10. Woke up still blazed...i was really caught off guard. Thought i was buggin so last nite after work i threw a 2 small spoonfuls in some mac and cheese with dinner, and about 90 minutes later i was gone again :rolleyes: Just wanted to say thanks to GC for the experience and knowledge and to share a lil story! And yes i am stoned off my ass again right now :wave:
  2. yup, eating the stuff gives you a bit more of an intense buzz than "regular" consumption... ;)

    i just love cannabutter... it's so damn variable... you can just put it into anything that can handle some fat, eat it, and be blazed off yer ass :D

    and yeah... hashmouf's guides rule!!! :cool:

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