First Cabinet Grow '09

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  1. Ok so heres my first grow of '09. I am using a cabinet that is divided into to sections, Vegging and Flowering. My cabinet is 6 feet tall and 2 feet wide and deep.

    My Veg section is 2 feet high by 2 feet wide and deep. It now has (2) 3 week old bag seed plants. They are under 60 watts of clf at about 3 inches away.

    I havent put together the bottom part (flowering section) because I am not that far.

    As of now I am not using nutes and using purifed water and MG soil with enough fan to make them dance a little

    As of now they look nice but are kind of weak. The soil I am using seems to be soaking up all the water I give to it so that may be a problem.

    Let me know what you guys think. I will be posting daily.






  2. Can anyone tell if any of them are male of female ?
  3. there are no preflowers in that plant , its too early
  4. About how many weeks untill I can see any preflowers ?

    Im in week 3.
  5. what light schedule do you have them on? i switched to 12/12 at week 4 and didn't see female/male for a week or so after that.
  6. As of right now I have them on a 24/0. I would like to keep them at that for awhile though.
  7. Keep me posted aswell. im going to create a grow journal mabye. but it appears we are at the same stage and both on 24/7
  8. Does anyone else think my plants look a little long ? Not as bushy or tall as they should
  9. if you want to make them taller, get a brighter light and adjust the height of the lights up abit it will cause stretching, and get a little fan to blow on the plants to create a wind effect itll strengthen your stems on the plant aswell as keep a oscilating wind flow
  10. i think your plants look great! i would keep on keepin on. some people say to wait til the alternating leaf nodes before you go 12/12.
  11. Looks fine. You wont know sex for a good while now.

    More lights the better, Im using 104w total (5bulbs) for 1 plant in flower. I think CFLs work much better if they are mounted on their side, since most of the light comes off the side surface areas.

  12. dales got a good point, if you just pick up 3 y adapters and some 26 watt you could more than double you light output. What type bulbs are you using, daytime or the soft white?
  13. So I got 2 plants growing out of the same pucket id say it about a 1 gallon bucket, do you think that will stunt them or be bad news bears??

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  14. I am using 6500k daylights now. I think I will get those splitter and get 4 more bulbs.
  15. for sure. you can get it all for less than $20 anywhere. you may want to look at a 2700K to help supplement. i vegged with both and i think it helped the plants fill out a little more. you can get some high watt 2700K but they get pricey. i'd stick with the 26 watt and get them real close with a fan.
  16. So do you think if I get a splitter I should buy 4 26w 2600k (soft white) lights ?
  17. Yeah, Actually i picked up these bulbs there called supralight, amazing! they are very bright and also give of next to no heat you can put them almost face to face with your plant and theyre low key aswell they wont put a damper on your E-bill
  18. you could do any combo, but yeah that is what i would do. i started with more 2700 than 6500. that way i saved a little money too, since you'll need the 6500 to flower anyways. you could check out my grow... it's a first time makeshift, but i think i looked into things pretty well and i didn't spend much dough.
  19. whats the wattage on your 6500 K high monster?

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