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First Buy & Questions

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Obstacle1, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. Heyy.

    So I bought some weed for the first time the other day, having only smoked it twice prior. Luckily I found someone who set up a deal for me. That person called it 'top of the line kush,' and I got what I assume is a 1/4 for $65CAD. I don't have a scale accurate enough to weigh it, unfortunately.

    I don't know a whole lot about different strains, but it's reasonable hairy and pretty crystally. Smells amazing, my whole room gets flooded if I even look at the bag. Tried a bit of it in my homemade bong and it had me feeling pretty nice regardless of my fuckups.

    I attached two pictures of it, but I don't know why the colour is so fucked up in them. It's a lot greener than that in real life.

    So I guess my three semi-related questions are: (1) Is this a pretty good buy? (2) I don't get too many opportunities to smoke because of my current housing situation, what's the best way to store this to last? And (3) can you make firecrackers without putting them in an oven? If I make them according to the directions but then just let them sit in the foil for 3-4 days, will the THC still be absorbed or is the heat necessary? I've tried searching for an answer but I keep getting conflicting results.

    Sorry for the long read. :smoking:

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    Yeah that looks pretty good, and not really bad for $65/4th

    I wouldn't try making firecrackers if I were you, if you cook them wrong, all that weed is gone and that looks like some good stuff to smoke. Wouldn't waste, smoke and have fun.

    Oh and the reason they looked greener than in real life is because of the flash

    Light = Color
  3. 1: looks pretty good man.
    2: mason jar
    3: you need heat. i have never had them but of course you need the heat to release the thc and then the peanut butter absorbs it.
  4. Ah, okay, well I'll forget about the firecrackers then. Would have been nice though just because it's a bit more low-key than smoking.

    I have my stash loose in a mason jar now, and that definitely keeps the smell from permeating my room.

    The pictures looked fine on my computer. Must have lost the colour profile while uploading or something. Ohh well. :)

    Oh yeah, and I just remembered one more question I had: the two previous times I've smoked I didn't have any problems with cottonmouth/pasties. Each time I've smoked this, I've had it pretty bad but not unmanageably so. Can certain strains increase the chance of this occurring, and is there any way to reduce it?

    Thanks for the replies. :)
  5. You get cotton mouth by not smoking "the correct way"

    You're supposed to inhale directly into your lungs (taking your mouth completely out of the equation)

    Cotton mouth is caused by letting smoke idle inside your mouth, rather then inside your lungs. I know some people who intentially get cotton mouth to "complete the experience"
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    Read this

    You do not need heat to activate the cannabinoids, I don't know where that myth was started but I'm glad it's finally starting to go away.

    Let me know how the firecrackers turn out if you end up making them. :)

  7. Are you sure? Your probably right but that sounds strange to me. I don't inhale the smoke through my eyes but they still get dry.
  8. rofl :smoking:

    Unless you're taking nostril hits, there's no way to bypass your mouth from the equation. I get cotton mouth some days, not others, some bowls, not others. I don't change the way I smoke those days, so cotton mouth has always been a mystery to me. Just grab a glass of water and voila.
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    Uh... No you're wrong, the heat is required as that thread you linked also states. Where are you getting "it's a myth" from? But I'm not sure "activate" would be the right word. Technically the weed is already active and you could eat it as is but the effects would be minimal as it's the heat that makes it extremely potent thus giving you the high. In other words, without the heat you'd have to eat... a friggin lot of the stuff.

    There are other ways you can get the THC more potent such as using alcohol but it can be kinda complicated. Heating is by far the easiest method. Also apparently if you put the right things in the firecracker, the thc can be absorbed that was as well like in that thread there, the peanut butter absorbs it but only after a few days.

    In any case if you want to eat them right away you require the heat.

    [edit]Also (1) Yes, I would say that's a pretty good buy, usually i would expect to pay $60 a quarter for that but it does depend on where you live. (2) Store it in an air tight container at room temp and it'll last you forever. XD
  10. that is alot better than my first pick up(half g of swagg for 20 lol) congards welcome to toking

  11. Yeah it's called inhaling into your lungs. In order to get cotton mouth the smoke needs to linger in your mouth. If you inhale directly into your lungs, the smoke barely passes over your mouth, not enough time to adsorb anything.

    Try smoking by putting your tongue behind the opening of your mouth and inhale over it. You'll notice a slight burning sensation after inhaling some smoke which will turn into a slight numbing sensation.

    If the smoke doesn't linger in your mouth, you won't get cotton mouth.
  12. Mostly correct, but the last part...

    Heat is just a catalyst for THC. If you make a fire cracker and never cook it, after about 2 and a half days it will be absorbed better than if you heated it. Make sure to use fatty/natural peanut butter or your fucked.
  13. Thanks for the info everyone. :)

    @CjX, the first two times I smoked I didn't know what I was doing (pulling smoke into my mouth instead of actually inhaling) and didn't get cottonmouth at all, but these past two times I've been inhaling straight into my lungs and got it. It's not like I really hate the feeling, I just always have to remember to bring some water with me :smoking:

    @MakaveliArts, all I have is some Kraft Smooth peanut butter (Canada), which I assume is natural. I think I read somewhere that you can use vegetable oil or something to help it along too?

    I'll make one or two tomorrow and let them sit until the weekend.
  14. you kinda contradict yourself first you say yes you must use heat, then later on you say yes it can be absorbed in certain things like alcohol or peanut butter but only after a few days. in the OP question he said if he leaves the firecrackers out for 3-4 days will it absorb the THC.
  15. wow those are some nice buds wish i could get that around here lol
  16. The longer the better. And yes adding oil will help. I am not really sure which kind though:p My knowledge of that is little. Olive oil, maybe?

  17. Completely wrong.
    If you've read any of the hundred's of firecracker tutorials on the city you would know that to the thc will be absorbed into the oil if you let it sit for around three days, and this can actually result in a higher potency than when cooking marijuana with heat.
  18. Alright, well thanks for clearing that up! I can't wait to try them, but I'm going to wait for as long as possible. :D

    @ElJimmie, I looove Justice. Have you seen the documentary on them, Cross the Universe?
  19. I'm so making a couple to sit around for a few days for my ride back home Saturday, no idea why I never thought to try this.

  20. Yeah but ive only watched like half of it on youtube, so im planning on buying it at some point :rolleyes:
    The parts i saw were amazing though.

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