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  1. Hey all, I've been lurking for about a month and finally registered once I started getting enough information together to begin a cab. build myself. I've gone through the Grower's Bible PDF, Jorge Cervantes' Ultimate Grow book and DVD, as well as a lot of posts so far.

    I really mostly need help and advice in getting my grow space put together.

    I guess I'll start with the goal:
    From the first grow (soil) I'd like to get one mother plant for cloning purposes (currently have White Russian from Serious Seeds but will initially go with some bag seed as a test run.) From that point the ultimate goal will be being able to harvest approximately 2 ounces a month for my personal use.

    Now onto the space. I currently have a nook next to a closet in my weight room/home office that measures:

    26" (66cm) wide
    73" (184.4cm) tall (actually 80" but beyond 73" my depth is reduced)
    25.5" (64.8cm) deep [this is measured to be flush with the closet, but not absolutely necessary].

    I am planning on doing a simple wood frame with some wood paneling and then painting everything flat white with something mold resistant. Now I will obviously need a flowering and cloning/veg areas. I've considered doing this two ways and would greatly appreciate any input/advice.

    • One large frame with a shelf dividing the flowering and veg areas
    • Two separate frames/boxes. either a smaller flowering box in this current area with then a veg box sitting on top of it or put into the closet beside it.
    I want to leave clearance on the top so the box is not flush with the ceiling to both utilize the full depth of that area and I also want to exhaust directly out the top (no or as few bends in airflow as possible).

    My concerns with doing one large frame is properly exhausting both areas with a single fan. How simple can this be achieved and with what loss in cooling efficiency would I be dealing with in this case? Any recommendations or examples would be highly appreciated. And beyond that, with 73" of height to work with, how tall would you recommend each chamber be?

    Just in writing this up I think I am leaning towards two separate boxes but I wouldn't be writing this if I didn't want input! :)

    If I were to use two separate boxes the flowering box would go in the area mentioned -- would you use the full height of this area or perhaps split it into two flowering sections [bearing in mind I truly only need to be getting two ounces/month] (same light cycle so I could use a mesh/wire shelf and I wouldn't be as concerned with venting the box with a single exhaust fan)? So I guess I need to figure out if I want just a few large plants or several smaller (would appreciate input based on my harvest requirements)

    The other information I am really struggling with is what lights to go with or more so finding out the actual amount of heat the varying lights put off. If anyone has a heating chart or could point me into that kind of information that'd be great!

    For cloning/veg I am leaning towards CFLs for cost/energy use/heat purposes but for flowering I am really on the fence. I've read the Dr. Bud Greens posts which put me onto using them for at the very least cloning/veg. I'm curious about using them for flowering but being as much of a nooby as one can be I'd feel a little more comfortable using something like a HPS.

    Which then brings me to how much wattage I'd really need. I've read that around 50-70watt's per square foot are ideal. In measuring; this area would require 322watts at 70watt/sq foot (4.6sq feet). So from that I'm on the fence between going with a 400watt or 250 watt HPS (I'm extremely open to suggestions and would appreciate them immensely). In trying to decide between those bulbs what I'd really like to know is roughly what the heat output differential between them is.

    The ambient temperature and humidity in this room should be very easy to manage, I have a humidifier and dehumidifier (winter/summer) as well as a ductless split A/C for this room specifically.

    I'm going to stop here for now before I ask too many questions right off the bat :rolleyes: (if I haven't already!) but I'm sure I'll have additional questions based on any responses I get.

    Your opinion and advice are greatly welcomed!

    Thanks in advance,
  2. I may be confused on the total area, but that space doesn't seem big enough to hold a mother, clones, and flowering. It looks like a good space for flowering 3-4 plants. Plus when you divide one room into veg/flower it will be really hard to control light penetration from one area to the other. If ANY light leaks from veg into the flower, you're fucked.

    You should consider going small scale at first. One room to carry you through the entire life cycle then start a new crop. When you become addicted (and you will) then you can really devote some thought on where and how to increase productivity. I suspect that if you follow through with your current plan in 6 months you will have a new idea and all the effort and money you spent on this cab will be a waste.

    If it were me I wouldn't even build a wood frame. Just close the corner off with some white PVC sheeting allowing air through the bottom, a can fan with a carbon filter exiting out the top, and one 400-600wHID light. And use the good seed, this shit ain't hard, you'll do fine.

    Also, 2 ounces a month is really pushing it. I doubt you can achieve it in that space. Generally you should expect a heavy ounce from each mature plant indoors. I know there are some people here who exceed this regularly, but they aren't novices like you and I, and they are probably hydro guys with CO2 getting faster growth rates and denser buds. I'm gonna guess that your first grow in that area with four plants will get you 4-5 ounces in 4 months.

    Start small, think big.
  3. Appreciate the reply Auntie. I am planning to start small but don't want to limit myself when I start thinking bigger at the same time.

    My space in that area is not completely static, to stay flush with the existing wall my depth would have to maintain 25.5" but the actual depth can be as much as 6 feet if I require it in the future.

    Just close the corner off with some white PVC sheeting allowing air through the bottom, a can fan with a carbon filter exiting out the top, and one 400-600wHID light.

    Without going with a wood frame how would you suggest closing the corner off with the PVC sheeting? Tack/staple it into the wood beams above inside the drop ceiling then let it drape down? I had considered using wood because I'm not sure how I could:

    • Hang the light
    • What would I mount the fan to
    Thanks again for the input and advice so far!
  4. You could just use duct tape for the PVC liner. Or, better yet I just thought of this, just cut out a piece of plywood the size of the opening and put it on roller strips like a sliding glass door....
    Paint it white on both sides and at a casual glance no one would even notice.

    Later, when/if you decide to expand you will have a ready-made mother/clone room.

    I see a tile ceiling. What is above that? Is the tile a hanging "false" ceiling? I ask because in a conventional room where you have attic above the drywall, you can just cut a hole in the dry wall the exact size of the fan inlet and put the can fan and filter in the attic above the grow space constantly pulling the hot air in the top of the cab into the attic and out.
  5. This is actually the basement of my home, the area that this would be going is very hard to see unless you're trying to begin with due to the room lay out...


    Visual stealth in this location is not especially important. My primary concern would be smell. I'm not concerned much about this room smelling but I'd like to avoid stinking up my whole house.

    And just to add a little clarification to my ultimate goals -- I have no aspirations of achieving 2 ounces a month any time soon. First goal is growing successfully with the ultimate goal of that in mind. I plan on having a lot of baby steps on my way to getting to that point with probably a fair amount of set backs!:)
    Thanks for letting me bounce some ideas off of you and offering the advice and suggestions you have so far. It's very helpful!
  6. Hey mihilist I figured I would come check out your thread, and it seems like you have a lot of good ideas. Its funny that you mentioned the ultimate grow DVD and the Growers Bible, I think that anyone even considering growing should own both of those. Looks like you have about the same amount of space that I did with a little more room to go up. If you're not so worried about visual stealth than I would do like auntie said and go without building a whole frame. When your working in a small area like that every inch counts, If you could get that PVC sheeting and paint the one brownish wall white I think you would be pretty set for the area. As for the exhaust fan, if you could build a shelf type thing between the walls near the roof and install your fan, than duct it into the attic it would be ideal. I know in my cab. the exhaust blows out the top and right back into the room that it's intaking the air from. If you can get the warmer air into the attic I think your area would be more efficient. Also for the lighting. I would recommend a 250 or 400 HPS. They do put out more heat but if you're not putting them in to a cabinet they are the way to go. You can also get an HPS fixture that is intercooled where you won't really have to worry about the heat as much. Lumens per Watt HPS put out 40% more than CFL. From what I have read and understand, it is literally impossible to grow the the same size buds that HPS lighting can with CFL's, but I've also heard that CFL's will not make the plant produce less THC making the smaller buds more resin laden. Just some stuff to think about. As for smell a carbon filter on your exhaust fan and you should be smelling clean. Again, awesome ideas and keep us updated.

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