First Bubbler!!!

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  1. Bought at a local headshop for $55. Hits really smooth and is super thick. :smoke:

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  2. nice! :hello:
  3. nice piece. nice find. good price
  4. fatty as hell, nice grab :smoke:
  5. Congrats on your bub! I just got my first heady piece of glass a month ago and I still feel like such a baller every time I hit it, hahaha :smoke:
  6. Nice first piece man!
  7. Only my first bubbler. Still have my old spoon and bong. I'm going to wake and bake in the morning with my bong for old times sake lol. I haven't used it since I got my bubbler a few days ago.
  8. wow i feel like the cheapest person on this forum!! i just bought my first bub to only spend 20 on it the most ive every spent on glass.... yours looks great by the way

  9. Thanks man.
  10. + rep for radio head and bubbler!
  11. For sure man, definitely my favorite band.

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