First bubbler!

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  1. Wat up GC? I've mostly only smoked pipes in the past, but today this thing caught my eye at St. Marks. Originally $80, but I go to the shop a lot, so I got it for 60. Sorry about the photobooth pic, my camera's broken, so I had to use it.

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  2. rip off. which shop? nice bubbler tho :)
  3. Got it at Wild Gift.
  4. looks fragile, don't bump it.
  5. what he said. ^^
  6. i went looking for one today but couldnt find out that stood out to me.
    2 bubblers of mine have broken, gl with yours :), haha jking but good luck to yours
  7. Gonna be a adventure to clean that. Nice bub none the less.

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