First Bubbler

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  1. Ive never really owned a piece other than a hitter, so its nice. Hits like a champ, sooo clean. Got it for 15$ from a friend. I really like bubblers, its like the clean hit of a bong with the portability of a pipe. I call him Garfield.

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  2. Looks awesome, love the name! Enjoy it!
  3. oh that name fits it lol! its cute i like it good choice
  4. Congrats on the piece. For $15 that's a steal!
  5. Damn fine piece!
  6. It is indeed, I paid $40 for the same one(different colors), or at least very similar.
  7. Ive got one that looks really similar, have fun gettin blown braj
  8. sick piece my dude
  9. i have the exact same one its blue and white, i got it for 5 bucks
  10. My first bubbler looked like that too ! They truly are the best of both worlds aha
  11. I paid $35 for my first bubbler, and it was approximately the same size as yours. Great steal for $15. Congratulations, I hope you enjoy it well with your herb.
  12. Damn your friend came up on you ..... You're probably not 18 cause you could of bought a better piece for 15....... ..Jk on the age

    But cool I like bubblers too

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