First bubbler suggestions?

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  1. I want to get my first bubbler. Was going to get the weedstar double bubbler but it's out of stock :(
    What other options do I have? looking to spend around 75

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    If you really want the weedstar here.

    But here are some others i found you might like.

  3. Do you live in the US?  If you live in the US then don't use shops that are overseas...the shipping will kill you.  Spend more of your money on the glass rather than shipping.  A worked german roor is about the only thing worth paying to get shipped to US, and even then, only a roor collector would do that.
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    The 38mm and 45mm have shower head downstems which offer amazing smoke diffusion and cooling where as the smaller ones have x cut outs that get the job done but arent as effective as the showerheads, grav labs shower head down stems have at least 8 slits on them, the 45mm has been know to come in a 16 slit downstem variant as well.
    the 38mm is more for 1 person doing a heavy session of smoking having a large sized bowl, also good for a few heads,  the XL 45mm is more a party piece having an even bigger bowl that can hold im guessing 2 grams easy if you fully pack it, both have about an equal amount of diffusion but the 45mm has a lot larger chamber so hitting it can be like hitting a bong at times. The smaller ones are more basic meant for 1 person.
  7. Damn.. Thank you for the information!! I think I'm ima go for the 38mm. I don't always smoke by myself :)

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