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First Brownie batch

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Jodi, May 15, 2006.

  1. well we made our first brownie batch my husband and I tonight....they came out crunchy and tasting real shitty, I should of drained it all better...oh well...were gonna still eat um...:mad:
  2. that sux... you high yet?
  3. Too bad, but like I always say, don't judge a brownie by its crust factor. Actually I've never said that... But if they get you high, who cares? When has the taste of shrooms stopped anybody?
  4. They still work properly?
  5. ive been smoking and I have eaten a good portion...I think Im eithier too high and cant tell anymore...or none of it worked...but ya...the taste I dont do you get the crunchyness out??...:smoking:.....well its official...I think Im gonna make one more batch with the 3 ounces Im buying tonight...and if I can figure how to soften the buds with butter.....

  6. hehe, butter bud. Reminds me of the Simpsons. When Homers all like butter up that baken boy.
  7. cooking really didn't work for me either....
  8. The best way to make sure you get a great batch is to invite a freind who has made them before and let them show ya how , but help them do everything that way you learn:wave:
  9. damn 3 oz in a batch? try to use only 1. that'll get your real blasted for sure

    and pics! :)
  10. this is off topic but i wish u cud buy 18 joints for 5 bucks like u do with cigs that wud be absolutely sick

    enjoy them brownies i heard its a different but enjoyable high
  11. Crunchy? You know your not supposed to leave the weed in right?

    You saute (spelling?) the weed in the oil or butter that the recipe calls for for like 4 minutes, then you strain out the weed and I usually let it try and mix it it with some fresh weed to roll a fat blunt in case I didnt extract all the thc in the oil. But yeah you shouldnt be leaving the weed in. Hope I got to you to help before you made the second batch.

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