First Broken Bong, Rubber Cement?

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  1. I have used this forums for a few years now, for tips and tricks, and just learning in general... but now, I have a problem and need some help unique to my situation.
    My bong had slight cracks in the base, I used rubber cement to seal them up. Held up for a few weeks, but slowly started leaking again.
    Added another layer over the weekend, but I BANGED the base of the bong hard again on accident, and it cracked more... a lot more.
    So i applied more rubber cement and let it dry by my air conditioner...
    few hours later, i put duct tape all on it.... tried it out, leaking still... but I was expecting it to
    so this morning, i put even more duct tape, and it seems like its holding up actually. very strategic spots and what not... should have done it like this originally.
    but my question is...
    Do I have to worry about the rubber cement? Any possibility of any rubber cement or the sealant's residue leaking into the inside of the bong and mixing with the bong water??? Making the smoke/vapor toxic in any way when you smoke it? What if I didnt let it dry long enough and put the duct tape on too early? I want to say it tasted funny... but I don't know (this is also a new strain I am using)... I don't think the duct tape would do anything, or would it??? nah...)
    I may just be way too paranoid about it, and this will only be a temporary thing for a few weeks til I get a new one... but I would still like to use it until then... Any help? I'm thinking the water could get some rubber cement juice in it, then when I go for a hit, the smoke swirls in the bong base filtering thru the water and rubber cement juice mixture, and into my lungs!! OH NO.... idk if i want that ya know. but man... has this rubber cement ALREADY GOTTEN INTO MY BRAIN... HELP.

  2. Idk ...I probally would not use it if it had a bad taste. Rubber lets of fumes so idk

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  3. add it to the bong graveyard 
  4. dude, its time to move on.  Use this as an opportunity to upgrade to something nicer.
  5. man you're clinging to something that wants to slip away, served it's purpose. also that cement stuff is probs toxic my man, how much I'm not sure. I'd just replace the bong if the crack keeps getting larger.
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    I could have just used duct tape for the whole thing, it's doing well... damn.
    I actually want to downgrade... bong is, well was way too nice.
    but yeah... cant wait til the next one! im thinking around 350
    just the bubbler for now... til I can splash on a bong in a few weeks. i do have an itch to smoke the bong though... and going to. so if i feel like "dealing" with it, ill smoke it. but mainly bubbler

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