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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Azul11, Jun 3, 2013.

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    Sup guys? Well, I just had one of my bowls break for the first time last night, damn it, and I thought y'all might want to share some stories of how it happened to you for the first time.

    Here's mine; So I'm at my buddy Josh's place and I'm pretty high, of course. We're out of tree so Josh wanted scrape the resin out of my spoon Baby Blue. Now when I bought it I knew I would have to take care of it cause it was a cheap twenty dollar local artist piece, he didn't know that. I wanted to tell him "No dude, it's kinda thin glass, it'll break." but I was high so I just said "Alright.". Haha Yeah, started scrapping and caved in the bowl. R.I.P. Baby Blue, you will be missed.

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  2. One time I was with friend and I had my spoon pipe(purple tiger) and he had a sick ass steamroller so he drops his on mine and his breaks mines still good then I drop mine and it broke 'twas a sad day
  3. My first spoon was destroyed by my parents :( i loved that thing.
  4. Dropped a bubbler on my back porch
  5. The first piece i ever broke, was my zong when i was 14. Basically, i was pretty drunk with some people at my moms old house, and i'm sitting down on this bar stool kinda chair in the backyard, and the bill of my hat was at the perfect height and length to nudge the bong as i was reaching for it. So my beautiful zong fell off the table a good 5 feet and shattered in a million peices. I had that thing since i started smoking :( her name was spitfire
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    I was blazed and went to throw the garbage into the compactor so me being so high I accidentally threw the pipe down the chute. To make things Better I live on the 24th floor. I heard the echo of it shatter :( had it for about a year

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  7. Well, my first bowl I had was stolen when I was asleep. First one I broke though, was really just retarded. I had my bowl in my pocket (wearing Gym Shorts, very loose pocketting in these fuckers). My garage door had a sensor and the remote was broke so I had to run and jump over the sensor to make it out.. The bowl flopped out of my pocket and broke in half. We ended up smoking like half a bowl out of the HALF of the bowl.  RIP bowly
  8. Had my first spoon and my $90 sherlock that I bought off GC seized by the pigs. That sherlock was my baby, only had if for about 2 months tho :(

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  9. new years eve im at this house party. a little before midnight im already cross faded from weed and drinks. i remember reaching for my pipe in my pocket taking it out and then dropping it onto concrete. Sucks man but cant really blame anyone except myself. Later that night i puked my guts out while i was still at the party...
  10. I was string a tennis racket and smoking my bubbler. I set my bubbler on the floor and a tool slid off my bed and landed right on it. I saw the whole thing happen and it was like slow motion, but I had my hands in a spot where I couldn't get to it in time

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