First breakup-don't call her @ work.

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  1. So for anyone who decides to read this thread, prepare yourself.

    I just turned 24, and have been dating this 31 year old for about 10 months. I met her at work ( I work in an ICU , she works down the hall in an intermediate unit), she pretty much asked me out for drinks one day, ended up going back to her place to smoke, which ended up in her asking me if I wanted to shower, of course I said yes, we did it in the shower, and I went home. She's been pretty easy from the start.

    Her past: has been in a relationship since she was 13, lost her virginity @ 15, slept with anywhere from 30-50 men/women, and smokes just about everyday. Family history of psych issues; mom recently released from psych ward for halving her anti-depressant meds.

    We decided going in to the relationship not to get too serious since she has ambitions to go to nurse anesthetist school and I plan on going to physician assistant school, which could turn our relationship long distance.

    But throughout the relationship we started spending all of our time together. A lot of one on one time, going shopping, watching movies, cooking, smoking, etc. And I began to feel suffocated, claustrophobic, and my feelings for her turned from love to annoyance.

    She would get real emotional and upset when I wouldn't talk to her about my feelings, which had begun to fade because of the constant neediness of her for my attention. I should've ended the relationship a while ago but I tried to persist to see if things would change but they only got worse. I didn't want to tell her that I wanted a breakup because I wasn't sure. This is my first real relationship where my feelings aren't there anymore, and I wasn't sure what to do. Scared of letting her go because at times she's the best girlfriend, but then the feeling of relief when I am finally able to manage some time to myself.

    So...after another emotional outburst last sunday, I had had enough and told her I needed to talk. The talk turned into me telling her that I recently didn't feel the same about her, and she reciprocated those feeling toward me. I told her I thought it was best if I went home without her this weekend so I could spend my bday with my family and friends, and that I'll be back on Monday. She proceeded to invite me into her apt, where she threw down 2 presents that she had gotten me for my bday. I felt like a total ass, opened the presents, feeling guilty as hell, and proceeded to collapse under the guilt and say things I didn't mean. We slept with each other that night, she went to work the next morning, and I woke up feeling shameful for lying to her.

    I couldn't wait until 7pm for her to get off work, so I called her, @ work, and told her that I was leaving for home, and that I felt guilty for the presents and wasn't being sincere the night before. She got upset, told me she didn't want to talk to me anymore, told me not to call/txt, and I said ok, I'll wait to here from you.

    The words break/break up were never mentioned and I should've just manned up and broken up with her that night instead of being guilt tripped, but now being in this state of uncertainty, I'm pretty sure it's over. Thank god.

    She's unstable, possessive, talks for me in public sometimes, and calls me "baby" and "honey bear" wayy too much while petting my head. She really freaks me out sometimes.

    Anyway, I'm sure I did the right thing by not bringing her home with me, but couldn't resist the guilt that night which ended up into me being a dick for calling her at work, where I'm sure the word is out about how much of a prick I am for calling her while she's working.

    I guess you know it's right when you feel the weight lifted off your shoulders and you can finally breathe again. I felt that right after I called her. It sucks now, and I hate hurting people, but this was necessary; Just could have done it a little more professionally, but you live and you learn.
  2. Was she a MILF?

    And sorry to hear about your break up. but your happiness comes first and if you wernt happy it was never gonna work.
  3. She was real sexy, no kids though. So a puma would be the proper title there. Great body, face, eyes, the works. But I just couldn't put up with the over emotionality (new word) of it all. Really Tried.
  4. Awww man your gonna have some great wet dreams. Let us know if she contacts you for your birthday.
  5. Good man. No reason to be in a dreadful emotional state.

  6. fuck i hate clingy girls.
  7. dam clingy girls. best way to get dumped right there.

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