First break in two and a half years.

Discussion in 'General' started by drasticdayz, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. So i have figured I have been burning for about two and a half years now and maybe missed a total of 10 days of not smoking. I grew purple jem as my first ever homegrown strain and that came out awesome. I now have warlock and motivation going and they have double the crystals and I really want to be able to appreciate my weed to the fullest. Therefore I will be taking a month break. 31 days. I will be posting here everyday for my own sanity. I will converse about anything anyone would like too. I am going to miss my 27 inch bong and my volcano dearly but I figure it will all be for the best. I will officially start after this weekend I have about 20 grams to finish of the purple jem to finish first.

    Does anyone have any good suggestions on how to make this easier. I normally vape three or four times a day so it will be a truly sobering experience.

    Wish me luck!
  2. After the first few days it is soooo easy,

    infact after my t break was up I was like "Ahh I don't feel like getting my weed out and smoking it...but then I forced my self and was like :eek: :smoke:
  3. Its gone. Way to much homegrown has been burned through blunts for my lungs im ready for the break. I cant wait for my buds to cure I think im gonna crop them this week Ill have bud shots posted up later.

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