First bowl!

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  1. Bought my first bowl today! But I gotta wait till later to find out how she hits :( What ya'll think?!

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  2. That looks like a nice piece and I like the colors, man. 'Murica!
  3. nice spoon, I've got a similar one myself minus the marble at the end. Deep ass bowl, hits like a champ.Picked it up from a kwik stop lol cost me about 20.

  4. Haha, land of the free and home of the dank!

  5. Thanks! Wow you got a good price! This one was about $30 lol
  6. lol 30 bucks? that's not bad, I'm hoping they threw the case in too. If I figure out how to post pictures i'll show mine, it's the same style with the swirling colors thick heady glass, except mine has an orange/yellow scheme so I call her the laffy taffy pipe.
  7. The case was another like 10 lol. It's just a small shop that opened up in September
  8. do you like that case? I'm going to be getting a pretty nice pipey soon and want a way to keep er safe as can be on my many travels to show er off ;)

  9. Was thinking the same thing haha

    Awesome pick up, very nice colors and looks sturdy.
  10. Nice piece. $30 might not be that bad of a price in your area. Prices on pipes vary a lot between different areas, which is why I'll usually go to Rhode Island if I need a new bowl.
  11. it's an ok bowl :) you sorta overpaid at $30 i think personally but that's just me judging by the artwork, if it's really thick glass maybe it'd be worth it. the case is pretty nice, but i'm gonna warn u, that foam is gonna hold smell.... i know i'm kinda raining on ur ''new bowl parade'' but def still be excited. as long as u find a bowl u enjoy that's what matters. it took me a while to find a piece that really clicked with me. spent about 200 dollars in bowls before i found one that was the perfect match for me, and lo and behold it was only $17.00 and blown by a local guy who sells hardened boro glass. it's simple, it's only 3'', and the bowl isn't even the largest i've had so far, but i love it lol. overall though, nice piece of glass you got there, and my advise is to clean the glass before storing it in there to avoid lingering odor. a good case to keep pipes in though, are those canisters you get a boat shops that u put keys in. hard plastic, sealed with an o-ring, u can wash it out if it smells, and just put paper inside of it to act as a cushion, and when the paper smells or gets dirty (if u don't clean ur bowl frequently) u can just chuck it and replace. i wanna see what ur piece looks like resinated lol! maybe it'll be really cool.
  12. ahhh, I remember my first glass bowl. Back in HS, about finger sized in length. Used to hit that bitch everyday before class.

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