First bowl!

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  1. That. Kicks. Ass.!


  2. Thanks a lot man! I get mixed review, some people absolutely love it. Some people get really put off by it. Hey, who's forcing them to hit it!? More for me :D It hits like a dream, and the pictures dont do a good job of showing it, but there are these earthy swirls in the finger, and each portion of the finger is all puffy like a real finger. Its really fun to just hold when baked haha.
  3. i thinks sick as fuckk. i love bowls that look like other shitt
  4. Kinda creepy, like a zombie finger. but I would hit it. XD
  5. thanks a lot man, the finger nail in itself is really, cool, sick glass work, artist is pcb. they are out of jersey in case anyone was interested. the girl at the headshop said that when they opened up the box, it was scary, they didnt know what was in it, and it was all fingers. bubblers, bowls, chillums, just all fingers XD
  6. That's creepy as hell, but I would smoke out of it. How much did it cost?
  7. 72 bucks originally on the 55 and up rack at primal expressions in bethlehem, pa. they gave me 10 percent off since it was my first piece and i couldnt decide. Plus i got a bag for it for 45 percent off which i think they do if anyone buys a bowl at all? and they threw in 2 packs of purple thunder zig zag blunt wraps, a couple of the fifty cent lighters, and thats about it. i dont really care if i overpayed, cause for a first piece, it pleases me. XD
  8. Thats fucking awesome! I would love that piece, I'd always try and freak people out about it.
  9. yeah, i generally tell people that my bowl is named freddie and dont tell them that its a finger until its time to smoke. it gets mixed reviews, but its good to see you guys appreciate it. i dig your sig. i definitely want something that has an eye on it for my next piece, that or a glass pipe that looks like a really elegant gentlemans pipe
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    Dude that's so bad ass

    Yeah the price is a bit steep but that's probably just cause I'm cheap as fuck lol. but deffinitly be happy cause that is a pretty legit piece.
  11. thats the sickest thing i have ever seen! its the type you uses once and awhile for halloween and stuff plus it has insanely realistic looks

  12. fuckin ill!!!!!!
  13. I would definitely hit this. Sick pick up op.
  14. It's a little awkward OP, but still neat.
  15. More weed for you!
  16. aha so sick man
  17. thanks alot guys i dig it alot, how do i return rep from my visitors comments page? like if someone reps without commenting so i cant click the rep button?
  18. Haha awesome!!

  19. User CP > Click their username > Statistics Tab > Find All Posts by ___ > Click one of their posts, and BAM! rep.

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