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    Got this last week for 18 bucks at my local headshop. Let me know what you think. :smoke:

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  2. for only 18 bucks? you got off with a deal.
  3. I like it! Looks similar to mine, except that mine is orange and white. It's the Dreamsicle... lol. Have you named yours yet?
  4. Yeah im a big steelers fan and i named it The Steal Curtain. Ha ha is was 75% for a 420 sale
  5. Thats awesome! and for a great price too. How tall is it?
  6. Exactly 6in. Its nice to be able stick it in your pocket and hit it up in the woods.
  7. I love those colors man.
    never seen a bong thats yellow and purple.
    My old blue and white bong had glass spirals just like that.
    Sick piece man. Sick piece.
  8. congrats man great buy for 18 bucks! enjoy :smoke:

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