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First bong

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by newtosmoking25, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. Hey guys I am new to smoking. I have only smoked for a few weeks now. I have some extra cash in my pocket and am looking to get a piece. I was thinking about getting a bong for my first piece. I was thinking about getting a zob 14 OG. What do you guys think? I like to use as little weed as possible and get blazed, and I love the taste of some of the stuff we get. I dont think I want a vape, the one I tried wasn't that good. Also I wanted to look at an ashcatcher for that tube that will diffuse well. Since its a straight tube. What other things can you guys suggest? Like I said I have a decent amount of money to blow.
  2. How much money are you willing to spend?
  3. 300$ tops on the bong. I have another 400$ for accessories. My friend told me that a bigger bong would knock me on my ass so I was looking at smaller ones to start with. This bong will be one that I smoke on a regular basis.
  4. MFLB, it is a portable vape (the best one out!), works with batteries, very stealthy, and only $100 :)

    Lol im so high from it that i left to go make hot chocolate and oatmeal cookies and just got back and saw i was in the middle of answering this

    oh and it also pays for itself, because it has lifetime warranty and its so efficient it literally saves you that much in a few months to pay for itself.
  5. Bro, if your willing to spend 700$, I highly suggest you get a vape. They are the better option, and are more effective than any bong, and your lungs will thank you in a year. I guess you just used a cheap vape, or maybe shitty weed, or just plain bad luck. With 700$ you can easily find a Volcano vape, my favourite :) also bongs break pretty often so I wouldnt spend that much. For around 150 you can get a nice RooR minimaster which is one of my fav bongs.
  6. ZOB's are nice, I have one, but if I had to do it all over again I would go with a Toro. Do excessive research beforehand, that's the only advice I can give you.
  7. Well I like the taste of weed. But I read that some vapes make all weed taste the same. How hard will the bong be on my lungs?? I mean I was considering a zob 14 OG with a toro circ.
  8. look around on that website and also I recommend getting a Toro. Even though its about 650 I think for a really nice toro but its well worth it, after that all you will need is a nice new bowl and you will be set. so you can get that for around 700$ well worth it. look up Marijuana Reviews on youtube and watch his videos and he has a few really nice bongs.
  9. Ok so I was looking at the MFLB and the Incredibowl m420. With the MFLB, if I am a big taste person and want to get the most out of the taste of my weed, would this allow me to truly appreciate some of the varying tastes that you find with each strain? Or does it all taste the same? I might just buy the zob, the MFLB, and that little incredibowl looks cool too. How high can the vape and the Incredibowl make you realistically though?

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