First bong

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  1. Got my first bong yesterday in Venice. 22 inch, beaker bottom, double perc, diffused downstem, and icecatcher. Definitely the smoothest hits I've ever had. they wanted 225 for the bong and 40 for the bowl but i got em to lower it to 150 for the whole setup. I came home and told my parents jokingly that I picked up a new vase from the beach haha.

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  2. Nice bong man! Looks good for 150 for sure. Venice is chill too, they have a lot of shops right on the beach.
  3. yeah I must've been in 15 shops before I finally bought one. Probably going back this week to get a bigger bowl though.
  4. very very nice bong man, have fun! :smoking:
  5. put some nice flowers in that nice vase, man! ;)

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