First Bong

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  1. This is my first bong ive ever bought. made by pure, its about 3 ft tall, pre-cooler with diffused downstem, diffused downstem into the bong, perc and ice pinch. Very Happy With My Purchase :hello:

  2. hell of a foirst bong much did that run if u dont mind me askin??:smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke:
  3. looks really nice, i wish glass bongs werent illegal in PA..
  4. very nice, way better than my first. how much you pay?
  5. she ran me $400. expensive but now i won't need a new piece for a long time and i fell in love with it so whatever, its just money right?
  6. ha a bit expensive :rolleyes:
    but i like it alot.
  7. All I can say is... RASTAFARI!
  8. wow im wearing the same socks as u in this pic...but yea man sick peice
  9. ya i saw a really similiar bong at the other side in towson and they wanted 500. i didnt want the piece but i still told them they were out of their fucking minds lol.
  10. that is a nice bong.
  11. that is one crazy pruchase for a first bong.

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