First bong?

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  1. Could anyone recommend me a first bong? I've always wanted a generic 70's-80's hippie bong so I was thinking about going for one of those, but is there more to choosing a bong than looks?
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    I always prefer functionality over looks. For a combination of the 2, a nice glass on glass bong (like Roor) is always nice. On a budget, just a simple Glass round base (or straight tube) one. Kinda sorta like this:

    But find one that "calls to you". Bongs and pipes are very personal.

    <in the sample pic, there is what appears to be a carb in the back--yuk...this just for example purposes regarding a basic bong design. I don't like carbs for bongs. Just pretend that little circle hole thing isn't there.>
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  3. That's the way I always look at bongs/pipes simple glass does the same job the expensive glass does:confused_2:+ I buy cheap glass because I'm notorious for breaking bongs :laughing:
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  4. Tank glass. you wont break it :)
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  5. I have this THICK ass one I haven't used since 2012. It was a glass on glass (roor-style), but not roor brand. The base was one of those that goes like ︹.and somehow I managed to break off sections of it...but the middle and everything above it is fine..The rest of it is intact. Just the very bottom of the base. I was hoping to find a good glass blower to see if he/she can repair it..or "weld" on a new base, and I can maybe take wet sander/emory to take down any sharp edges. I loved that bong. Thick ass glass like 8-9mil or something. One of these years I'll get it repaired.
  6. My first bong was a graphix bong. Fucker was like 3 3.5 feet tall.
    I had hardwood flooring where I was living at the time. Not a good combination.
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  7. @k0ru

    Oh...and don't buy a plastic/acrylic one. Just don't.
  8. Reported.
  9. Yo I’ve broken at least 3 or 4 pieces within the past 6 months.

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  10. I recommend acrylic ones.. Glass is to hard to handle for beginners. Something cheap and simple..
    But back in the days I used to make them myself hahah from like a bottle or something useful that lays around the house
  11. If you are a teen age and cant buy a bong from a store. Lol but fun to make them none the less. I'f you want to kill yourself get a 5 gallon jug and a garbage can of water and make a gravity bong. Mind blowing

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