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  1. Looks pretty good for a first bong man, I started off with a 7mm Molino classic, it cost me around 80 dollars but it was definitely great for a first.Irritated when I'm not sedated.
  2. i would go with the black leaf because in my experience they have quality glass and on the boost it doesnt say the glass thickness but it looks way thin (IMO). 
  3. have u seen what after its shipped wud cost u. both of those are chinese glass..
    for aroudn 70 after shipping u can get a Custom creations or a hvy  a brand accually respected.
  4. since when is black leaf quality glass??
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  6. Thanks man. Hopefully, when that piece gets here, it'll be sweet. Sent from my HTC One using Grasscity Forum mobile app
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  7. that's your opinion. Cpt keyboard warrior.
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  8. keyboard warrior? im stating facts. there poorly built chinese glass with a name slappe on them. just cuz u dont kno shit about glass doesnt make me a keyboard warrior
  9. Maybe you should go back to the fourth grade where you can learn to spell, until then I will not be responding to your idiotic assumptions about how I "dont kno shit about glass" now run along kiddie.
  10. idiotic assumtions? my spelling really gets u butthurt? anyone who says blackleaf is good quality glass doesnt kno shit bout glass. u keep smoking out ur shit peices
    do a simple search of black leaf
  11. Black Leaf aren't the best glass but they are pretty functional. Glass is glass to some people which is fine.Irritated when I'm not sedated.
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  12. go for some glass thats made in the USA bro! 
    they have a section just for that in the store
  13. Have you ever owned a black leaf piece?

    I have no idea why people nock it like its a plastic bottle and a bit of gauze, mine hits like a champ never found anything wrong with it, the bowls are a bit small, but a large root bowl sorts tht out.
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  14. I find that most people that have bad things to say about black leaf and other similar brands are usually people that don't know how to take good care of their stuff. Black leaf is just fine for responsible people
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    if ur ok with knockoff designs. chinese glass. and horrible build quality. and copyright infrnged glas(hence why there made imported from china) there fine. but there not a quality peice. the reason we hate on it so much is because for the price u cudve gotten something original and great quality. how much did u pay for ur black leaf shipping included?
  16. and ive found ALL ppl that like black leaf. dont kno anything about glass. the reason we hate on it so much is because for the price u cudve gotten something original and great quality. 
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  17. You have found that ALL people with black leaf know nothing about real glass? Mate that makes you look so ignorant and close minded. I don't mind a "design knockoff" as somone had to design it first.

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