First bong!

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  1. Went to a headshop called exotica in Evansville IN today and got this badboy. Was 70 dollars. Probably about 18-20 inches

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  2. I know you probably don't want to see this as the first response but I really don't think you should have paid $70 for that.

    Pieces like this are available for the same price and you get a GonG, a diffused downstem, and a showerhead perc.
  3. ^ that. Sorry dude but you got an overpriced piece of soft glass. :(
  4. Yeah I know the price is a bit steep but I couldn't order one off the internet. It will work until I get a better one. Oh well
  5. I like it... and I bet it works :p When you, in the future, decide to get a bigger bong I'd strongly recommend getting something made out of borosilicate glass!
  6. My next purchase will be something of better quality. Would really like that gridden stemline hybrid from SSFG :)
  7. Yeah I like it, dude. Maybe a little overpriced but not ridiculously so. That's the perfect size for a bong too, in my opinion.
  8. Yeah it's not the best but it's def air tight and has a nice bowl.
  9. If you are in love with it it doesn't matter how much it cost as long as you are happy with it!! Enjoy it always keep it forever
  10. It's name is El cheenko

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