first bong, woot.

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  1. so i finally got enough cash to buy a real bong.. nothin fancy, but a piece i like alot. havent named it yet.. suggestions?

  2. call it waistof ..

    nah jpp


  3. only 35$... and its easy to hide. :smoking:
  4. bong water in the face/mouth is never fun :(
  5. i know, and trust me, i always measure out enough water to fill it perfect without any backsplash.
  6. Rip that Mini Gulp man, and yea that is a burnt out name suggestion from yours truly, an insomniac.
  7. Ragnar the merciless.
  8. :smoking:not bad man, call it juice big time
  9. Just try to smoke until you can think of a good name, what I always do.

    (damn, still can't think of shit... time for another rip.)
  10. it looks like a doorknob :D
    Call it The LSD TRIP
  11. it has been said

    mini gulp

    aka Mini G
  12. mini gulp
  13. hmm... mini gulp... we shall see. :smoking:
  14. lol i was about to say that. some other suggestions are 'David' (as in Goliath) and Napoleon (as in Bonaparte).
    pretty nice for your first man, and remember, size doesn't matter.. lol :smoking:
  15. nice... i need a cute lil bong thats easy to hide and doesnt have far to fall.. my shit breaks alot. for the money that accumulated in broken pieces i could have soft fluffy carpet :D
  16. you should call it the CHODE!

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