First Bong Win Or Fail?

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  1. This is my first water pipe i wanna know what you guys think? Its just a simple heavy soft glass bong, i havnt gotten to break it in yet so i cant tell you guys how it hits yet... theres nothin fancy about but it should be easy to clean. I just wanna know if i made a good choice or not it wasnt very expensive

  2. Just your average Chinese made mini bong.
    How much was it?
  3. It at least looks pretty cool. In my opinion, any bong is better than no bong due to the added efficiency and quality of smoke.
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    I think of bongs kind of like cars. Your first one shouldn't be too expensive so you can learn how to take care of it. Chances are you're gonna screw it up (break it) somewhere along the road of life. So for a first piece, that's an excellent choice. Reminds me of my old bong Gypsie...I miss her. I say win.
  5. It was 38$
  6. It's cute, I wouldn't want something so small though with a bong, a small bubbler is perfect with a bent neck to prevent getting splashed with water during the pull.
  7. It's way better than my first bong.
  8. Functions well-Win.
    Doesn't function well-Fail.
  9. Thats a cute little guy, I really like the yellow.  Good pickup man.
  10. Thanks i cant wait to get home and break it in im on vacation right now and ive been dry on smoke for a lil while but when i break it ill let you guys know how it is!  :bongin:
  11. Im gona need help naming this one so feel free to give me ideas!
  12. call it "Sunshine". :hello:   Its yellow dude and thats a happy name.  Not bad for a first piece,  my first was acrylic (yuck) so having a nice little glass peice is cool.  Let us know how she hits and when you graduate to something better like full glass on glass you'll miss her.  Cute lil china glass grommet bong aaawww...

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