First Bong, Totally Lost

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  1. So I'm pretty new to bongs.  I want to get one, but I have no idea which one.  I know that I want a glass bong that isn't too expensive.  It doesn't need to be fancy or have a zillion percs or anything.  Can somebody help me choose a bong?

  2. Name-brand is up to you, because it will nearly double the price tag. Personally I don't care about's all glass. That being said you should still look at your options before making a purchase.

    Really depends on how much you're willing to spend. Little more info?
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    If you are still new to the bong world I recommend just your basic glass bong honestly. I am sure you know the kind I am talking about; the nothing special, standard looking (vase style I guess one might say) bong.
    Here is something that should help a lot though. What you want, even in a cheaper model bong, is a glass on glass slide connection. It is the best way to keep a good airflow going in the bong so you can take massive rips. Now a glass on glass connection will cost a little more but it is worth it!
    If you don't know the difference in glass on glass vs rubber stopper then here is what to look for.
    This is Glass on Glass, the best possible option
    This is a rubber stopper, it works but you will eventually need to change the stoppers and they will leak air sometimes. Not the best option, but like I said it does get the job done.
  4. More info: I'm willing to spend up to $50 on it.  I don't care if its a brand, as long as it works/doesn't break easily.  Also, I'm from PA, so there are a lot of things that GC won't ship to me, so that's an issue too.
  5. 50 dollars? Just save up a bit more money. If you only have 50 to spend on a bong, you probably don't have much money. Besides, if you save up you'll get something that will last you if you don't break it since you're so new to bongs.
  6. pretty much everything thats 50 bucks or less is going to break easily, that price range is mostly china glass.  last time i spent 50 bucks on a glass on glass bubbler, it lasted 2 days before it broke, the welds were so poorly done they fell apart at the first bump.   your better off saving up a while and getting something nice,
    your also going to be finding a local shop to buy it from, because no reputable site or artist is going to ship to PA, and if they do theres still a chance it will never make it to you. 
  7. I'm rethinking glass-only and I'm now open to acrylic bongs.  Any thoughts?
  8. I would go with glass. $50 is kind of limiting but you can totally get a quality piece. I'd just go get something simple that is glass and use it for a while, decide what you like/don't like and then invest in a more expensive piece.
    Also troll craigslist. I picked up a very nice double perc on there for $75. Glass on glass.
  9. You can definitely find a glass bong for under $50. This is Night Raven, my first bong that i bought a long time ago. It only cost $30 and it's been a trusted companion for quite awhile.
    View attachment 118331
  10. Go to boung outlet . ca
    I'm getting my shit there. Looks good to me, and inexpenssive
  11. go to etsy (look up my glass planet) he will hook it up Custom glass is the way to go takes a while
  12. FIrst things first man.  Do not go acrylic. I repeat. NEVER GO ACRYLIC!!! It is the worst choice you can make.  They get dirty and nasy and hot water can only do so much till you need to actually clean her with some iso.  First Iso rinse last time you use the bong. It will forever taste like iso and old resin.  They are terrible and nasty.  You want to go glass.  Even soft glass is good.  It is the grommetted pull stem  kind, or the one with the rubber stopper and you pull out the long  bowl.  A little more expensive but even better is Glass on Glass. Greatest way to smoke hands down. Get yourself a basic bong with just the diffused downstem and your set.  From there you actually learn what glass is and decide to go more technical.  But glass breaks so remember be careful.  Others may not break so easy but the quality is terrible.  Hope that helps
  13. oh man, i thought u meant your very first bong was totally lost as in misplaced/stolen and shit. cause i was like MAN WTF that's FUCKED UP. but now i get it now man
  14. oh and good luck man 
  15. SSFG mini tube or order an ehle off EDIT. I loved my 100ml and it lasted a long time till i accidently banged it on the faucet and gave myself a nasty gash.

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