First bong that I bought.

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    well i just registered here and I guess I'll introduce myself by posting a picture of my bong??

    I bought it from this shop i dont even remember what it was called but it looked sick. the stand is actually like 10 years old, it was my brothers.

    Anyways, it'll fuck you up, i love it, what do you think.

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  2. and if any of you are wondering its' 31 inches tall without the stand idk how big it is with it on.
  3. my buddy had that exact stand back in the day, it's sick
  4. Simple Green in that bong for a few hrs will make your weed taste a lot better.
  5. yeah it is sick. i just broke it a few days ago and did a patch job on it with some glue.

    here's a pic of it smashed and another of it fixed with the gluee.

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