First Bong? Reccomendations?

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  1. Hey guys im looking for my first bong im planning on getting a bong with an ice pinch, ashcatcher, and maybe percs im not sure yet. i heard with percs its alot more pricey. Ive been smoking outta my pipes and kinda gotten bored anyways what brand would you guys get if it was your first bong? (below 160 $) Thanks a bunch
  2. go to a local shop and see what they have.

    make sure you know what china glass looks like, and the difference between good percs and bad ones.

    The Glass Bong Purchasing Guide -

    That is a good thread for figuring this kind of stuff out.
  3. Thanks a bunch I'll be sure to keep that in mind
  4. Dude at my local shop in my town, i went and bought a bong with a single perc, ice trap, and ash catcher for $95 if i can recall. Mind you the glass is kinda thin at the bottom, but if your carefull with it like i am then its awesome and will last a long time. Its also a no-brand but is still great quality.

    So you could more then likely find something for under $150 no problem with some of those features, good luck! Hope you get a good first bong!

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