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  1. Ok I'm lookin to purchase my first bong here in the next couple days. I just got my grant money for school and I'm gonna blow some on a nice bong. This is my first bong so I've been reading here for the past day trying to see what I'm gonna get. I've been trying to decide between HVY and SYN glass. I've been looking on ALT for glass and will probally be purchasing from them. I think I'm gonna be going with SYN glass because it looks more higher quality than HVY. This was the one I was looking at SYN 45x5mm Beaker Bong Platinum Label. Here's the link SYN - 45 x 5 mm Beaker - Platinum Label

    How does this bong look? What's the first upgrade I should get for it? I don't know anything about difusers, ass catchers, percolaters or any of that stuff this will be my first bong. I have some money for an upgrade so what should I get? Thanks
  2. Looks pretty good for a 1st. The next upgrade I would get is a showerhead diffy or Luke Wilson 6 arm.
    An u MIT wanna take down the link b4 the mods see it lol
  3. I'd go a little taller. 18" on a straight tube and 16" on a beaker. I guess that's personal preference, but when I hit my buddies 12" beaker it's just not the same. Maybe if you get an ashcatcher/diffuser hangin' off the front a 12" would work.

    That aside it looks like a great pipe for your first buy.
  4. Great pick for blowers, SYN does some fantastic stuff. I have a platinum label inline ac, the pictures on ALT don't do the label justice.
  5. which ashcatcher/diffuser would you recommend? what do they do? im very new to bongs.
  6. I'm now on my 5th bong and the first thing i will tell you is that if your getting a bong do not settle until you find what you are looking for, beaker bongs are my personal favorite. As for the additions to the bong, a nice ashcatcher is a must, i did not use an ashcatcher until my 3rd bong and it just makes a world of difference, not only is it 10X smoother, but you will have to clean your bong a fraction of the amount of times you normally would need to. trust me the investment is worth it, other then that just make sure you have a decent downstem for that bong, SYN is great but i'll never forget my first Roor.
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    That's it, that is the tube you want.

    Seriously, buy it now because it's a really good deal on a solid tube.

    Pro tip: NEVER get a tube taller then 18" because that's the standard tall and any taller will just be harder to clean, store, and maintain. Not to mention unneccesary, and taller is less stable.

    Above all, a new diffused downstem I'd always the first upgrade on any tube, because it's the smallest, cheapest part that makes the biggest difference.

    You want to start with a SOLID, simple setup as a foundation so that you can add on to it later like with an ashcatcher.

    Stay away from percs for now.

    That SYN beaker is what I reccomend as a great low priced solid setup.
  8. a downstem is a type of diffusion, first must have.

    A user on Etsy has a really nice inline ashcatcher for just $90 which is really a great deal for such quality.
  9. Doesn't a diffused downstem already come with it? if not what do you recommend as a good quality diffused downstem?

  10. "Never" is pretty harsh :) I love my 24" single perc. It's perfect for when you want a big hit.

    I think whatever you end up getting will shape your opinion. You're not going to get the perfect bong the first time

  11. yeah, it already has a diffused downstem. that should be fine
  12. Yes, with that tube it does. Not the best diffused downstem, however, it will work just fine if you dont want to upgrade it.

    Didnt mean to sound harsh, i just think that the Op hit the nail right on the head with the Syn beaker, its a really great setup for just $110

    Just saying, VERY FEW high end glass brands make many tubes[much] taller then 18". They also dont make many tubes with more then one perc.
  13. I'm probally gonna get this one tommarow. It fits all my needs for such a low price. I'm throwing in a pack of Beeline. Anything else I should add to my order? ordering from ALT
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    Yes, get a keck clip(19/22 size) and a ice pinch or disc diffused slide and maybe a new downstem if you want(Alex K showerhead downstems are great!) and I suggest a whole spool of Beeline, not one tiny pack!

    AND if you feel like going all out to protect your brand new piece of glas, get the RYOT 16" case for like $50
  15. I was eyeing the syn tubes for about a week now. It looks like a great tube except I'm leaning towards the straight tube. Any difference between the straight and beaker?


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