First Bong - Need help

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  1. Hey guys,

    I was looking to buy my first bong soon and wanted to get some good advice before doing so. I wanted to spend around $100 but I'd go up to $150 if its really worth it. I've talked to a couple friends and have been looking around GC for awhile, but I'm not too sure what would be my best option. I haven't checked out any headshops yet but will definitely do so before buying anything off GC. As far as I know I was looking for a mid-sized bong (12-15 inches) with a downstem, some ice notches and some type of perc. I really don't know that much about bongs so if you guys have any suggestions/advice I'd really appreciate it so I don't waste my money.
  2. im in a very similar situation and what im thinking of doing is getting a 9mm straight tube with ice pintch, solid tank join from GC. its super thick and for less than 90$. then you could invest you other 60$ into getting , inline ashcatcher, skillet or a big bag of Dankness to break you tube in.

    hope i helped
  3. I was looking for something with perc(s) though as I can't see myself using ice very often. Any other ideas?
  4. Molina mad scientist v3
    Weedstar mentalist? With inline ascatcher is like 110

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