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First Bong Hit?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by blazed-af, May 29, 2013.

  1. so i was out with a few mates the other day toking a spliff (not sure what weed but stronger than ive done before) and decided to take my first hit of a bong. my mate, whos only done weed twice before, took 3 not too big hits from this hench as fuck bong so i thought i would be able to take a little more, but i took a little more than i can handle which isnt normally a problem

    long story short i ended up not being able to walk, falling asleep everywhere, tripping like hell but wasnt sick, whereas my mate was fine feeling high but just has a drowsy come down about an hour later when i started to feel better

    now im not stranger to weed and normally i can take a fair bit before feeling a bit sick. so is it normal for this to happen first time or is it just me not being able to handle my weed?
  2. First time I smoked a bong was my first time. big ass 2 foot bong. had a bowl of shwag {mexican dirt weed} went around me and two other people. these two people were teaching me how to hit it, but they where fucking with me by making me white wall it and inhale it all. the bong went around like that till it was cashed. I got so fucking high, everybody knew I was blitz so one of them gave me a cigarette to smoke to sober me up. I smoked it siting on the couch. finally after the cigarette was gone I decided I needed to go home. so one of' em walked me two blocks to my house, I was stubleing every where. felt like I was wasted. right when I got home I went straight to bed. woke up at mid night, and puked all over myself and slept in it.I was too high to get up and do anything. what I relizzed I was swallowing some of the smoke from the bong.

    I continued to smoke weed and fall asleep, untill I bilt a tolerence a couple months later. I smoked weed and didnt feel tired any more.... so it's just a tolerence thing. probly means you didn't need to smoke as much weed as you did.
  3. You were just super baked bro :hello:

    It's definitely just a lack of tolerance, you weren't used to that amount of THC being introduced into your system (which is a great thing).
  4. bigger hits = stronger, faster-onset to the high
    ive been smoking joints and blunts for years and if i took a few massive bong hits surely i'd be on my ass as well
  5. you coulda just not tried to one up your mate and took hits like he was.
  6. then do it :)
  7. How big was the bong?
  8. i wasnt trying to one up him, just thought id be able to handle more since i been doing it longer

    and bong was about a foot and a half long i think
  9. A bong is different because you inhale such a huge amount of smoke at the same time. The feeling of that smoke in the lungs alone can be quite painful to some people.
    When I introduce people to cannabis the bong is always the first thing I want people to smoke from, because if it's handled correctly you can take small silky smooth hits from it which will give a clearer and better high than that of a  joint or similar (in my opinion). On the other hand if it's not handled with care you can easily ruin someones evening :p
    One time a girl thought she'd grasped "how the bong works" (LOL) and decided she wanted to handle the light, bowl and so on herself. She filled my 60cm bong to the very edge and needless to say she was FUCKED.
  10. I remember my first bong hit it knocked me on fucking ass but now that ive built up my tolerance bongs are a piece of piss
  11. "hits from the bong"  will make you have an out of body experience...
  12. i never had taken a bong hit prior to buying my own.  i just knew from talking to friends that if you wanna get really high, get a bong.  so i got a decent one from the local hs for like $65. the first time i got it all milky and cleared it, it hit me almost instantly. :smoke:  i never looked back since then.  of course i still hit my glass spoon or roll j's but the bong puts me up in the clouds
  13. Yeah on 4/20 I had smoked 3 times and decided to do my 4th sesh of the day, whilst already high I might add. It felt like I had narcolepsy because I kept falling asleep and my friends kept waking me up for some reason I still don understand. After about an hour and a half of falling asleep then getting waken up then falling asleep again I finally just said "fuck all of you im leaving!" and went home in the middle of the night half asleep. When I finally got to bed I said "it was a good 4/20" and passed out.
  14. It's funny to think how high you can get from shitty weed without a tolerance. :smoke:
  15. I took 3 consecutive hits my first time haha. I should have waited in between hits to manage my high but I just went for it. Haha 7 minutes later it hit me like a brick wall. Imagine having a dank indica for the first time through a bong. I honestly feel like I traveled through space
  16. Completely normal

    Even after 10 years I find some days I can take 30 bong rips it seems, and others I'll take 1 perfect one and end up similar to what you're describing (even with the same weed). There's so many variables in a bong rip though, but ya I wouldn't worry at all if that's your first time.

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