First Bong / High End Bubbler?

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    Hello guys. I normally just vape but I have been considering picking up a bong since I may be able to start getting some pretty good wax. I have lookws all over aqua tech and a couple other sides but I really have no clue what I should be looking for. I think I want a stemless with some type of interesting perc but it seems most places are sold out. Also I would like a nail and dome combo (I think thats what it is called) and an ash catcher. Just looking for some suggestions. I am a little lost in this realm. I was thinking maybe a Mobius with a stereo perc but I can't seem to find them in stock. Any suggestions and where I can buy them would be great. I don't really have any decent shops close to me.

  2. smaller the better
    less diffusion the better 
    stemless is very nice
  3. Ya for oil you want as little surface area of glass as you can get and little diffusion. Better flavor and you lose less oil/wax/budder w/e concentrate you're smoking. Stemless is really nice and you can get a quartz nail and dome for 45 off aqua. that's what i did and i've had the nail for 6 months and it hasn't cracked. Or you can just go for the nice stuff and get a Ti nail domeless or not.

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