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First Bong - help!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by culetto, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone, I'm new here.
    I was looking on the web for a nice bong i could buy.
    I found this EHLE brand which claims to be good and not expensive, this model in particular looks nice:

    EHLE Ball Ice Straight Red

    A beautiful glass bong with joint 14,5 wearing the EHLE Logo. This model will come with downtube and glass cone piece (2mm hole).

    NO shot hole!

    Technical details

    wall thickness\t3,2 mm
    height\tca. 300 mm
    stem\t14.5 EHLE. classic
    joint\tEHLE.classic 14,5
    mouth rim\t40mm diameter
    ice pins\tYes
    EHLE. Red

    carb hole\tNO


    downtube\tEHLE.classic 14,5
    bowl\tCone style with 2mm hole
    glass gauze\tN/A

    I can't post a pic but the details should be enough for you guys.

    The price is 97 AUD..

    What do you think? My budget is up to AUD 100 so this one would be ok. If you have any other suggestions, please reply..
    I took a look on other topic about ehle and first bong but i still have some doubts about this model :D

    ps what does "no shot hole" mean? I think i know what the shot hole is, but whats the difference in not having it? as you might have noticed, english is not my first language so i find it hard to understand this technical terms :D
  2. I believe the "shot hole" is the carb, and having no carb/shot hole means you have to lift the slide and keep pulling to clear the chamber. most bong users including myself prefer a piece not to have a carb :p
  3. Fuckin use the powerade bottles fuckin straya mate.

    nahh kiddding bro, sounds like a great bong for the price, i would definitely buy it.
  4. [​IMG]

    Here's a pic.
    Since its Friday, and the shipment wouldn't leave till Monday, I'll wait for a few replies more and then, if i'm happy, I'll proceed with the purchase.

    Thanks for these fast replies! Can't wait to hit my new bong xD
  5. #5 orangegrovekush, Aug 10, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 11, 2012
    Yeah some aussies call em shottys when there really called carb holes i think they just said both so nobody gets confused. but when you pull out the slide its way better man because you can clear the bong instantly which gets you higher
  6. So you definitely approve that bong and website mate?
    Im getting more and more excited for every post I read xD I wish I could smoke it immediately! I reckon I'll buy it after I finish my work shift :)

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