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    I'm driving down to my LHS on Thursday when I get paid to buy my very first bong, I'm unbelievably excited. I'm planning to spend around $250-$300 on it.

    I've got 4 LHS'es, only one of them sells really high quality glass (Hoss and Gear, best brands you can find up in Canada). From what I understand Hoss is higher quality, but they tend to sell out of it very quickly so I may have to settle for less than the best.

    I plan to get the bong, and upgrade to a showerhead downstem. As far as the qualities I like in a bong, I like being able to take big rips without it getting too harsh, and I don't like a ton of drag but I don't like having almost none either.

    It cannot be more than 18 inches, I'd prefer to keep it to 14/16 though because my hiding place I plan to use will be a VERY tight squeeze at 18. I only mention this because I feel the height might affect which is a better choice.

    So I've got a couple questions that hopefully can be answered more easily with the above criteria:

    1. 5mm or 7mm? Hoss comes in 9 but the added price is overwhelming. Hoss seems to be 7mm almost standard, whereas Gear tends to be 5 but they do have some nice 7mm pieces.

    2. Straight tube or beaker/bubble base? If I'm dropping this much on a piece which one is better when it comes to high quality glass?

    3. If I get Hoss, percs or no percs? Gear percs aren't that high quality, but Hoss' tend to be nice quality trees, so if I go that route, do you guys prefer having a perc or no perc with a showerhead downstem? Do they add a TON of drag? Do they really make that much difference?

    4. 2 separate questions about disc-diffused slides: 1) Do they even need a screen of some sort (I'm guessing if they do you need a metal screen)? and 2) Would it be a good upgrade along with the showerhead downstem?

    Thanks all you glass experts out there!
  2. Bump? 230 views and nothing? Cmon guys!!!
  3. 1- go with 7mm, 5mm isnt too thin either though
    2- i like straight tubes for a nice quick milk but for a bigger hit i enjoy beakers
    3 i prefer no percs for easy pulls and more smoke
    4 id use a metal screen and as long as the downstem is diffused i enjoy it, i dont see a difference between different diffused downstems. maybe a little better between a few
  4. If 7mm is available I'll go for it, I'll probably end up getting a beaker after a little research, I feel like the limited capacity of a 14" straight tube is a downfall for me because I have a pretty high tolerance, and I've heard smaller beakers don't have much drag to them if they don't have a perc.

    As far as the disc-diffused slides go, I was looking online and found I didn't have a lot of options with them, it seems like everything online that's disc-diffused is described as a 1-hit bowl... When AQL says something is a one-hit style bowl, does that LITERALLY mean one hit? I'm rarely a one rip kind of guy.
  5. i would get either a 5mm illadelph beaker or a 7mm pyrology beaker. they would both be the same price at around 300 bucks and they are in my opinion a million times better then roors and other big names that head shops jack the prices on. i wouldnt get a perc either. they are a bitch to clean and they cause a ton of drag for no significant improvement of the hit.
  6. Man a little bong is gonna have a small perc... There's hardly any drag at all. I don't see why people complain about drag on percs. ;p
  7. I would if I could, but the cost of shipping + border fees + taxes brings a nice Pyrology/Illadelph piece way over my budget. At my LHS I've been looking at piece up to $275 cause after tax that brings me to around $300.
  8. definitely get a disc diffused 1 hit slide. It generally is only 1 hit per pack but you constantly are hitting green and it WILL help you conserve bud.
  9. really? pyrologies are only like 200 for a 5mm where i live. i mean i do live 30 min out of philly but the prices arent too far from that at out of state headshops. maybe look into a beaker made by we the people. its also a company that split from illadelph and they are much cheaper than pyrology... i just dont like the logo very much but the glass is awesome quality
  10. No not true buddy if you get a well made perc it will have minimal drag added and will be smoother. Shitty percs ya they suck and cleaning not hard at all with a simple green soak over night or grunge off, that is of course you don't let your bongs get filthy which you should not. Remember a clean bong is a happy bong!:D
  11. Alright so I went to my local LHS'es today and found the following options:

    - Hoss 9mm 14" straight tube w/ showerhead downstem $300
    - Genie Glass 7mm 14" beaker bottom w/ slit diffused downstem $225
    - GEAR 5mm 14" beaker bottom w/ slit diffused downstem $175
    - GEAR 7mm 16" bubble bottom w/ slit downstem and AC (massive capacity as the bubble is huugeee, worried about the drag on this) $225
    - Genie Glass 5mm 16" beaker bottom w/ slit downstem $200

    Out of those, the guy recommended the Hoss to me as it's essentially unbreakable and quote "Hoss is the boss around these parts". Even the guys at the other shop said a Hoss was the best investment.

    So my question to you is: is a 14" straight tube even large enough for satisfying rips? Is there any way something that small can be worth $300??? I have a high'ish tolerance, I don't wanna have to be taking a ridiculous amount of rips every sesh if I don't have to!
  12. Save your money and google aqua lab technologies. mgw mini stemless double perk with cirq. Your welcome
  13. Hoss is chinese
  14. Agreed for 300 ssfg Glass or anything on aqua. I have two 12" bubblers and they hit amazing both around the range your topping out at.
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    Lol no...

    [ame=]Hoss 7mm Bouncing Beaker (#YO42) - YouTube[/ame]

    That is the 7mm.

    I would love to order one online but like I said, I don't want to drop any more than $300, and after shipping and all that I'm gonna run well over that for a decent piece.

    Not to mention I don't like rubbing my smoking in my parents' faces even though they're well aware of it they aren't exactly overjoyed about it so I like to keep my business, well, my business (third year university student living at home). And they'll ask about something if they sign for it and note the customs fee, so like I said.
  16. Bongsoutlet . Ca is a good website to order from they have cheap giant pieces if you don't want to drop that much and 5$ shipping and you should just get it shipped to a friends house
  17. Never mind just watched the video you posted and flipped a shit. Get one of those if you can
  18. lol that hoss was sick
  19. im stoned right now and that beaker bouncing had me geeking/freaking out
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