First Bong, Good Pickup?

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    She definitely needs to be cleaned... and tomorrow she shall be. It cost me 75 bucks and I picked it up from my friend. It's very thick glass.. However, it didn't come with it's own slide because he had broken it when he first got it. I think it's an awesome piece especially the price.
    It's a little hard to tell, but there is both an inline perc with a dome perc above it. Above that, an ice catcher. 

  2. nice grab buddy
  3. I like it. good choice.
  4. suuuuperrr good pickup. Looks like it hits pretty nice AND looks good. A steal at 75 xD
  5. Thanks guys! I can't wait till I get it cleaned today. I'll post another picture :p
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    It seems like there's three chambers, and I guess water is meant to be in the first as well? Could someone tell me if there is a purpose for the first chamber nearest to the bowl head?
    I'm also curious as to what exactly I have here. There is no label on it, so does that mean some random person made it? 
  7. Dude for 75$ you snagged a winner bong.  It looks like a mini version of a ZOB and has the same incline perc as mine does  Including a natural perc instead of a downstem.  Also it looks like you have another perc in there, what is that one I can't really see?  But yea, you scored a nice lil bongski.
  8. Also, about the chambers, I only see 2, which is the third you're talking about?  Looks handblown to me or maybe imported from another country.  I bought a similar looking bong at this thrift shop for 100$, the person I bought it from assured me it was, "Good glass for cheap because he imports all of his glass from India.".  I suppose that's a possibility aswell.
  9. Very nice especially for the price, and you cant really determine the glass brand by just looking at it, sometimes i can tell who blew it if it a famous glass blower. but sometimes i like hand blown local pieces better that the Way over priced name brand ones
  10. Awesome pick up for the price. Inlines aren't bad at all.
  11. Thanks for all the positive feedback guys! I Like the build quality, as far as I can tell by using it/holding it/looking at it with my untrained eye. The inline holes are not all the same size. That means it was hand made? Is it worth less because the holes are not even? I have no idea, lol.

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