First Bong Fail (not me!)

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    Thought i'd post this story cause to this day it's still funny as fuck!
    So I was at new years party a couple of years ago, massive party great night and all but there was this one guy there, C. Now this guy fucked up at the start of the party crying over someone elses problem (who wasn't even upset) then for about 2 hours he sat in the corner with a beer and a smile on his face, sad but fucking hilarious to see, he done it to himself.

    SO later on in the night I had some good smoke so i go upstairs for a smoke (a train of leechers followed lol) but anyway, me and a few mates had smoke so we started hitting the bong, and C wanders in and asks for a bong, me being me (i like to share my weed) I was like yeah sure, even though this dick has called me and my friends junkys for smoking it in the first place.

    So he explains he has no idea how to bong so im like it's cool ill do what i normally do for people who are nervous about their first bong, I suck up the smoke, so all they need to do is inhale, i made this crystal clear.. not exactly hard. So anyway I pack him a bowl and toast it, not inhaling after burning obviously and I pass the bong to him and say "enjoy".. he takes the bong looks at it for a second and I swear to god he tips the bong vertical and drank some bong water! :smoke:. as he made this fuck up water was coming out the rush hole and all over his face, i have never seen such a bong fail lol there was like 6 stoned people in the room including me and we all laughed for about 10 minutes.

    He asks for another, I told him not to waste my smoke this time and do the same, pass him a bong full of smoke and he takes the TINIEST amount ever, blows it straight back out again and went "wow im high" in the space of like 2 seconds, again.. everyone lol'd.

    The reason I love this story so much is he has set the bar extremely high for people to fail at their first bong, i mean seriously he drank the bong water lol WTF.
  2. lmao!! Wish I saw it with my own eyes!
  3. BAHAHA damn, you'd actually have to put in alot of effort in order to out-fail that.
  4. Haha, this dude just seems like a faggot off the start, I guarantee this shit was hilarious irl.
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    lmfao classic

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